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Blizzard layoffs could mean many things {WoW}

Mar 4th 2012 3:50AM Okay.. let me clarify this before I say anything else. I do not intend to spend my time discussing things I don't particularly worry over on the internet for long. With that said, I have absolutely no looking inward to do at this point. I never intended to change your opinion on the matter because I believe you're entitled to have it. What I was doing, however, is analyze the responses you had given prior to my comment to the best of my ability and point out the arguments I personally disagreed with. Again, all I said in the end is that I personally found your factual information to not be as factual as you may consider it to be. And perhaps, if you honestly distrust this company so much it's not the best place to spend your money.

Personally, I do trust Blizzard as a company separate from Activision and expect them to do all they reasonably can to make right and ethical decisions. If they do not have that power and are still forced to cut 600 people, Mr. Morhaime's statement of regretting it isn't any less true. Again, this is MY opinion, and you're free to have your own. Just realize that people might disagree, and point out why they do. I care very little if you disagree with my opinion, personally.

I'm sure that in the future I will have to deal with business men of the kind you mistrust. I'm sure at that point in time I will agree with you on the fact there is some terrible people in the world. However, I never overlooked the actions of Activision's CEO, considering I was expressing my opinion on Blizzard's team :) Now, if that's all clear then I hope for your sake you can leave this be ;) Let's just agree to disagree now that we've both had our say. I don't intend to change your opinion and I hope that you will have the decency to respect mine.

Blizzard layoffs could mean many things {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 8:10PM First of all, can you PLEASE for the sake of people's sanity spell your words out and use correct grammar if you're trying to make an intelligent point. Using abbreviations such as "ppl" doesn't immediately make you stupid, but it certainly doesn't help getting your point across either.
Now that I've expressed my own little pet peeve; I think you're severely underestimating the costs of running a convention as large and intricate as Blizzcon. Yes, exclusive figurines such as the Thrall one included in this year's goodie bag are definitely going to cost at LEAST $5, if not more. On top of that, your comment on Chinese suppliers makes you look like an idiot because it has little to do with anything. Something that is in limited supply and will not be reproduced is generally worth a lot more money than something that will be mass-produced at a later date. On top of that, I remember being amazed at the amount of cables and lights and God knows what else mentioned during the Blizzcon live stream. The amount of people needed to set up, run, and help in any other way with this convention is enormous. You need to pay all these people. Renting the building(s) for the convention? Not cheap either. Sure, it won't cost you 30 million to rent buildings and run lights, but as was mentioned before, Blizzard doesn't GET all the money you're assuming they're making.
Yes, I said assuming. You don't actually know anything, you're estimating. Now, consider this. Blizzard pays most, if not all the expenses associated with running this convention. But Blizzard does NOT gain all the money earned by this convention. Food vendor profits? Nope. Goody bags? Don't bring any money. Live streams? Most of that money most likely goes to the companies providing that service. Books/merchandise? Again, a significant cut of that goes towards authors/editors/companies creating the merchandise.
If you add it all up I think you'll be bitterly disappointed with the "profit" you assume this company makes from this. I don't even think they'd break even.

Blizzard layoffs could mean many things {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 7:57PM 1. People have been begging for pandaren since Chen's appearance in WC3. So yea, for a lot of people pandas ARE an eye catcher and something to look forward to a lot. I'd also like to add to this that just because pandas LOOK cute and fluffy, doesn't mean they have no teeth. There's a lot more to the pandaren than just their big bellies and cute faces. Gnomes don't look ridiculously threatening either overall, but a lot of people have fallen in love with that race as well.

2. Developers clearly stated at Blizzcon that the Mop zones were going to be HUGE. You have absolutely no other evidence to suggest that the Pandaria zones are going to be smaller than what we're used to. On top of that we will not be able to fly in Pandaria, so the zones will feel even bigger. There's also the Zandalari Isle that appeared on the map, which adds (gasp!) another place to explore. So yea, next...

3. I don't think we need new professions at all at this point. I personally think a lot of players would be much happier with the streamlining of some of the professions we currently have (archeology anyone?) than the addition of more. We already have a lot of profession grinding to do to come the new expansion.

4. Talent trees are in alpha phase currently. That alone should be enough of a point, but let's see... A lot of these talents need tweaking, for sure, but a lot of them have great potential and I know for a fact that I'm gonna have a hard time picking my talents in most cases. Again, they're FAR from finalized, and the fact we're even seeing them and contributing ideas to them at this stage of development is an amazing thing.

5. A story or game doesn't need a "big bad" in order to be successful. Cataclysm more than proved that in my opinion. Deathwing didn't make this expansion any better or worse. Actually, the biggest criticism I personally have about Cata is how little he was actually present in the story, but that's another argument. Vanilla WoW didn't have a big bad either, and a lot of people longingly refer to those days as "WoW's best time". Again, a story doesn't need to revolve around 1 person to make it interesting. I'll be just as happy slaughtering the opposite faction, while attempting fervently to defend my back from the Sha, Mogu, and other villains we'll be contending with in Pandaria. Rather than focusing on saving the world, MoP focuses on much more.. real and serious concepts to be very honest. War, destruction, the impact of both on innocent people and lands, the consequences both parties in a war need to face (in form of the Sha). I think MoP might prove to feature some of the most exciting story telling we've seen in a while! We've finally closed the WC3 chapter, and started building on WoW's own lore. I can't wait!

6. Oh.. wait, those were all your points? I think people are a lot more excited about MoP than you seem to believe them to be. If you can't see the good qualities this expansion will bring to WoW (and I have many more I could show you) then perhaps it's time to find another game to play. Meanwhile me and the other 10 million people worldwide will have a blast leveling our furry pandaren and exploring a new, rich set of environments and story threads!

Blizzard layoffs could mean many things {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 7:36PM Sadly for you, these "facts" you keep relying on aren't very factual evidence of anything and are just as largely based on speculation as the examples in the actual article. First of all, if you consider Activision's history a fact you have to look at and include their ENTIRE history, not just a skewed perspective including all the bad things they've done or caused as a company. I'm by no means naive enough to think Activision wouldn't put profit as their number one priority, but if you're going to consider this company's history a "fact" then please consider all of it, not just the bits that fit your argument.
Secondly, as has already been pointed out to you, you're relying on your own personal ideas of Blizzard's income a month (because no, it's by FAR not as easy as $15/$10/$8 x 10 million subscribers). This is pure speculation and even if a few dollars per person give or take might not be a substantial number, once it gets multiplied by 10 million that number grows significantly larger. That aside, I do agree Blizzard has a very solid income to fund their company. HOWEVER, you aren't even considering the cost to run the company, all it's projects, and other assets on a daily basis. I'm not even talking about the development of new products, simply the maintenance of the existing buildings, games, staff wages, servers, etc, etc. Unless you're intimately familiar with the amount of money these things cost, basing your argument off numbers YOU yourself assumed makes your argument no more informed or "based in reality (as you keep calling it)" than the article above.
All in all it seems like your argument stems more from a total and utter distrust of companies, and Activision in particular, rather than any factual evidence. True, the article itself really doesn't rely on too much hard evidence either, because quite frankly there is very little available. However, if you distrust the company you pay on a monthly basis for their product and service so much you cannot base your arguments in trust, rather than distrust, perhaps it's time for you to re-evaluate whether you should be paying for their services in the first place.
Personally, as an aspiring concept artist and game designer, I've not ever seen or met people as passionate and honest about their love for the products they create than the employees and management at Blizzard. Sure, they make mistakes, they are after all only human. But so far nothing you have said has had any factual ground, so I see no reason to change my mind about it.

Heart of the Aspects video and giveaway {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 9:16AM Yes please!

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Nightsaber Cubs from {WoW}

Dec 17th 2011 9:17AM He's so cute! I want one :

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Assault on Icecrown Citadel Raid Decks {WoW}

Dec 16th 2011 4:01PM I've been wanting to try this for so long, but could never justify spending the money on a deck! Do want plz!

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