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The Queue: Sad Mat is sad {WoW}

Jan 25th 2012 8:50PM I could go on, but for the sake of time and my own good mood, I cut it a little short.

The Queue: Sad Mat is sad {WoW}

Jan 25th 2012 8:45PM Really? You guys sound like battleground QQing. Okay, so the Horde saw a ton of plot advances while the Alliance didn't see as many. But don't act like you did nothing the entire expansion. Let's see:
1. Alliance Navy takes Thrall captive.
-They also assault the Horde presence in the Goblins starting experience.
2.Alliance gets Worgen.
-Their city gets blown up, sure, but unlike Goblins, there are lore reveals in humans becoming Worgen. Goblins simply have their home blown up and have to go.
3. Leader Development
-Everyone remembers Garrosh raging about something or other, and then throwing someone off a cliff. Wait... didn't Varian have a fight with Anduin and isn't Anduin training with Velen in the priesthood? Has Malfurion returned from the Nightmare? Didn't he also get involved in saving Auberdine (or whatever the hell that NE town is)? Oh, let's not forget his involvement in Hyjal, fighting with everyone against the goddammned Firelord. Oh, and then there's Vol'jin: he went to Stormwind seeking assistance against the Zandalari uprising. Wait... I'm sure Velen made a prophecy in Swamp of Sorrows about a future war of light and darkness. That's not mentioning Crowley and his heriocs, Genn, and even Lord Godfrey "killing" the Dark Lady and conquering Shadowfang Keep for his own (or the Council of the Three Hammers). My point being simple: Alliance leaders recieved just as much development as Horde leaders did.
4. War and "Horde Bias".
-Before you all get pissy, realize something: maybe everything in Cataclysm happened because there were logical reasons for it.
-One of the reasons Thrall left the Horde was because the Orcs favored Garrosh's millitarism. Most of the Orcs today did not live through the Blood Curse and the subsequent demonic battle-lust. These "Azerothonian" Orcs are green in color. Therefore, they are not like Saurfang and Thrall, and they remember humans like Admiral Proudmoore, who saw them as unholy beasts, trying to blow them to shreds. They remember being forced into concentration camps. Thrall lead them forth from that. He made their homeland a reality. But, his lack of millitarism is not helping his people maintain their home. That's where Garrosh comes in, people. That's why you see him waging war everywhere and making demands. Garrosh Hellscream is fighting to preserve an Orcish way of life, and maintain the honor and integrity of the Horde while doing so. What does he get in return? Fanatical devotion and undying resolve. Hell, some Orcs will go so far as to drop nukes, but Garrosh doesn't approve of that.
Sylvanas faces a dire predicament. Her lands have been infested with the remanants of the Scourge, Scarlet Crusaders, and still-living members of the Alliance. Of course she's going to start a massive offensive. She has the interests of her capital at heart. Would you want the Gilneans to start capitalizing in your backyard? No.
-Finally, let's not act like you aren't responding. Ashenvale is at war. The NE's attack splintertree and have spies at the logging camp. Southern Barrens is at war. Not only have the Alliance strong-armed Camp Taurajo, but they assault Desolation Hold from Fort Triumph across the Battlescar, in addition to threatening Mulgore itself. Northwatch Hold is still an Alliance stronghold. Theramore still stands (yes, yes, we all know it's getting sacked). The Alliance has done its fair share of bloodletting (Swamp of Sorrows, anyone?) and heinous acts (last I checked, there are still looters in Taurajo). It would not be surprising to see the Horde driven back. Remember, the Alliance has greater numbers than the Horde. Everyone needs to stop crying over this supposed "Horde bias" on the part of Metzen and his peers. You don't see any Tauren complaining about losing Cairne. These things happen, and if you can't accept that, then you need to either roll Horde now, quit WoW and play SWTOR, or keep it to yourself, because it's bloody annoying. In conclusion: It's not Horde bias, it's Alliance moaning. Live with it.

"The eyes of Hellscream are upon you." - Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde

5 ways to keep your DPS players happy in 5-man heroics {WoW}

Jan 16th 2012 2:52PM One little hint to communicating with your tank: if there's something you need, try to say it before pulls, or at the start of an instance (that way, everyone in the group has no distractions when they're murdering mobs). Most (good) tanks will take a minute to check to see if cooldowns are up and set a kill order/ cc commands. Hell, I know for a fact that most tanks will wait for your buffs. On a side note, we don't mind you maximizing your dps, and most tanks will try to accomodate you as much as possible (within reason). Just remember: you can't post a record damage parse if you're busy popping survival cooldowns and running. Thanks.

-Friendly Neighborhood RDF Tanks, Inc.

P.S. It helps to be sociable! If you talk a little and enjoy the run, and you don't piss off your tank/healer too bad, you might be able to requeue instantly instead of having to troll in Org or Stormwind. Just sayin'.

5 ways to keep your tank happy in 5-man heroics {WoW}

Jan 12th 2012 1:33AM This is a great post for everyone to read, just like the healing-flavored one. The groups that make tanks love to experience the dungeon finder are the groups that:
1. Don't treat the tank like crap for no reason.
2. Wait at least three seconds (Even if they pull huge dps).
3. Follow kill orders.
4. Use interrupts and other utilities (bonus points for interrupt rotations).
5. Listen to strategies (if need be).
6. Don't drop group after the first wipe.

If you think about it, couple the first four suggestions here with what Olivia said above. If more RDF groups tried to adhere to this standard, we would see a much happier tanking base (we can also infer that these tanks will requeue, leading to shorter queue times and a happier damage dealing base.) The funny thing is that I'm not asking for optimum play, and neither are the rest of the tanks in WOW asking for it. I don't need to see epic gems in every slot. I don't need to see you dealing millions of damage over time. Tanks just want to see smart play: if the mob is going to use fear, why not place fear ward on everyone? We can wait. Most of you posting on this thread are my fellow brethen: whether you be a necromancer in plate, a devout follower of the light, a bear with a big butt, or a ragin' cajun, you know how hard it is to deal with when some dps in a skirt decides to pull for you, gets murdered, and proceeds to complain about how nooby you are while you scramble to save the belf healing you and the hellfiring warlock determined to tank the floor, his mother, and a hall full of cultists at the same time. It's not that we hate dps. We love it! Hell, I never knew a tank that didn't love blowing up Alysrazor babies. And I never forgot the time where we finally downed Gruul: a last second POM pyro made the guild happy until Wrath (we never downed him again until we facerolled him as 80's). My point being simple: tanks love dps, they just hate the idiots that only care about numbers and getting instances done in 10 minutes. Last tidbit: healers, we love you all, just no hot's before pulls (druids...). Last thing for sure: please don't reinforce stupid actions by dpsers by showering them in healing grace. It only serves to complicate your job, make you more angry at your innocent tank, and make an idiot become complacent. Thanks. Celeinicus@firetree. Come on down and troll me ;)
@ Olivia I friggin love you and these posts. Keep em comin!

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