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"Guide dog" player and guild embrace sightless guildmate, steer team to victory {WoW}

Jan 13th 2012 6:31PM Hello all,

Thank you for all the nice comments, and suggestions for add-ons and macros, they are very much appreciated.
Just to answer a couple of questions asked;
How I do my rotation is down to using MSBT which audibly notifies me of ability cool downs & procs. and as for the setting up of MSBT I have Ignatious (Nico) to thank. I also use the logitech G510 Keyboard & the Razer Naga mouse. So i Have ALOT of buttons at my finger tips.
As for being blind and playing video games, I still get the same thrill from killing bosses, gearing-up and being part of an awesome guild just as much as i did when i could see.

Much praise must go out to Owen, as without him I wouldn't be able to end-game raid!
Since me & Owen have been working as a team we have overcome ALOT of obstacles, some quickly others not so quickly, But he has never once seen me as a burden and for that I will always be grateful.

One of the unsung heroes in all this is my Wife, as she helps me to equip/gem/reforge new gear, write macros, and install add-ons and she is always patient with me even if i interrupt her in the middle of watching Grey's Anatomy.

As well as Owen & my wife helping me, there are the other members of the guild Amy, Nico, Zepp, Craig, Danny, Laura, Sam, Tom, Paul & John they also help me with everyday WOW game play i.e 5-mans, dirp finder, and even going on Amy's mystical rocket journeys!!! And the same as Owen have never once seen me as a burden. Thank you all.

The biggest thanks goes to my father-in-law Craig (Bloodsoak) on Draenor as he is the guy who made me playing WOW possible again after I was injured in 2008.

P.S Shamans are viable or this raiding content and i've shown the numbers to prove it, so don't be put off by what some ppl post. Play the class that you enjoy.