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Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Sylvanas vs. Warlord Zon'ozz {WoW}

Mar 26th 2012 5:34AM Lets try imagening this without Zonozz ball, he will cast his dot ASAP and imedietly folow with psychic drain and stand still intill Sylv uses her first blighted arrows which is also ASAP, Sylvanas will then use shriek of the highborne to which would slow him for a long time (30 sec), then she would use blighted arrows agein, not on zonozz himslef but in the middel, she imedietly summons her ghols and pulls him to mid, making him stand in the blight and take mdmg agein, next zonozz needs to kill 2 ghols if hes gonna completly avoid wracking pain cause he is so darn FAT, and he cant use psychic drain caus ethen he has to stand still, but he cant relly get to two of the ghols in time cause he is slowed (maybe still another 20 sec), so he WILL take the wracking pain dmg. Durning all of this Sylv would not have taken any dmg save the dot from the begining, and that was only for 3-4 second, while zonozz will have at least lost 20% of his health.
Its lickely that the dot went off when Sylv becomes imune, so zonozz has to cast it agein, giving Sylv time to use blighted arrows to control where his face is so that he cant use psychic drain effectivly, and cause of Sylv´s shriek zon can never hit her with his increasing stacks of focused anger, meaning that the dot is the onlysignificant dmg on sylv while she still hits with all her spells cause of zonozzes (unhelfull) size. when the the slow has even reached the remaining 10 sec she can use her ghols agein and repeat the above actions from the begining.
This is all considered that we dont have the ball, which is a massiv disadvantage for Zon, but it is ultimetly hes size and slow speed that will be his downfall, the bigger they are the harder they fall so to speak.

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Baine vs. Echo of Jaina {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 10:17AM Baine wins this, allbiet bairly, ill just copy the ideas of the fight from "Rai" "Quaza" and "Ikana" cause im a bit lazy today, but one thing i think that Baine could do is throw his totem at the middel icelance, it would freaze and stop the totem in mid air and it lands into the lava, meaning that jaina is beter off not grabing it and Baine will be free from snare. Baine Bloodhoff FTW!!!

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Baine vs. Echo of Jaina {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 10:10AM Interesting story, but i disagree with the last part when Jaina throws the totem at Baine in mid air. first (if you folow mechanics) Baine cant be targeted in mid air, thus the totem cant hit, second (if you folow phisical laws(which i think you do since Jaina´s inc lance could melt in the lava)) Baine is generating a lot more force per pound of his body while hes leaping then Jaina could possibly generate by throwing the totem, so it would only bounce off him and do no effect, and thus she threw awey her chance (pun intended:)). still i give you credit for how smartly you illustrated how their spells were used:). like to see more.

Two Bosses Enter: Mannoroth vs. Asira Dawnslayer {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 5:36AM Dang it, does Asira get more allies beyind Illiden or not??? cause i can not see anywhere in the rules that Tyrande is their, and if she isent this fight is MUCH closer then what ppl here are saying its gonna be. (Thrall is meantiond on Asira´s toolkit, so i cant tell if he helps Asira or Manny, my best bet is manny however)

Two Bosses Enter: Queen Azshara vs. Hagara Stormbinder {WoW}

Feb 20th 2012 4:36PM I belive that Hagara would win, provided that only 2 of Azsharas servants are fighting at any given time Hagara will simply freze the first one and have an easy picking on the other, Azsharas puppet control can also work differently on Hagara, like simply slowing her on movement speed and attack speed, it works the normal way vs Hagaras adds though, also Hagara can use Ice lance to free herself and good dmg to.
I do however find something interesting on both of Hagaras phases, lets take the lightning phase first, Azshara mindcontrols the elemental thus instanly breaking Hagaras shield and stuning her, but this means that the elemental dosent die, so when the second phase comes up, Hagara will in realaty be in Both the lightning phase and ice phase, and i dont care if Azshara can mindcontrol of of them at once, she will still lose at least 2 servants before she gets the cast off.
Other then that Hagara simply has a beter tool kit to counter Azshara.

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Tyrande vs. Warlord Zon'ozz {WoW}

Feb 7th 2012 7:16AM i agree with all the "win Zon ózz coments", he simply outlast Tyrande, also he has epic quotes that "eclips" Tyrande´s plidings to Elune^^. Plus Tyrande CANT use her owl and tiger.

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Sylvanas vs. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping {WoW}

Jan 31st 2012 7:23AM i like your story and agree with most of the fight, but i found the end of it as somewhat strange. Their where no adds when Yors´Sahj enscaped, so their was no reason for Sylvanas to continue with the cast, she could simply have canceld it, slown Yors and been relativly okey throuout the rest. still it was pretty clever with Yors running to the wall:), relly sad that all his quotes got deleted:p

Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Baine vs. Peroth'arn {WoW}

Jan 18th 2012 3:52AM Peroth"arn traversed though the palace gardens, looking around exitingly, today is the day when his new great lord Sargaras would enter Azeroth adn grant even more power to his lojal folowers. but then sudenly everything was going white, slowing down, Peroth"arn starteled looked around to see if their was any enemies nearby, could Illeden have cast this spell on him. SHOW YOURSELF: Peroth"arn shouted angriely, he was about to cast his own spell, when sudenly a black place with lava came into view, and some kind of animal looking part corperal, part physical stood at the other side on a platform.
Unbenouced to the curropted highborn however it was not any usual kind of infiltrators that had cast their spell, it was the Aspect of time himself, Nozdormu. Norzdormu knew that he coudent send himself, his flight or any heroes to the past before they had defeated his other self, Murozond, but at least this proved that he could bring enteties from the past into the future, in this case he hoped that using Paroth"arn to defeat the echo of baine so that the heroes would have less obsticals in their path. But it was importent not to lett the Satyr know, or otherwise the future might get in even greater jerpurdy, so all that the Aspect of time could do now was wait.
Peroth"arn was realizing that he must have been brought somewhere far from the well, anger engulfed him: NOOOO, i cant stay here i must be at the well to recieve my reward from my lord!: The Echo of baine hearing the angry shout opened his eyes and saw a creture with horns and hoves, hair covering much of its body, not so different from himslef, only that it also had Claws instead og hands. the cheften had never seen the Satyr but knew what they where and who they served. A thought rushed his mind: YOU, are you the one responsible for what has happend here?: The young cheften had forgoten in his rage that it was Deathingwing who caused the hour of twilight.
Peroth"arn atension whent back to baine: Shut up you missereble little illusio-: he noticed something, staring for a few seconds and then began a small laugh: Ahaha, I see the magic surounding you now, that must mean that if i destroy you i will be sent back to the palace: With that Peroth"arn made his way though first platform, then on the second one he noticed that the lava was stiking to and empowering his claws, though somewat painfull, and just when he was about to cross the the third one where Baine was standing, Baine shouted: What dark horrers have you brought in this place? By my ancestors honor - i shall take you to task!: In responce Preoth"arn shouted: No mortal may stand before me and live!: The two finely joining combat.
The echo of Baine knowing that he was imune the the lavas heat diped his axe into the sticky liquid, and then swong it into the satyrs chest making him scream of pain, at the same time Peroth"arn used his Curropting touch on the spectre making it take more damage, though not emidietly. Peroth"arn casted felflames on the platform and and slashed eagerly for it to explode beneath the tourens fett, but even though Baine was blind to the truth, he was not blind to the danger, and Pulverized the platform, therby negaiting the spell from ever finnishing and bringing his opponent to the lava. Peroth"arn felling the searing heat on his body began swiming to the next platform, all the while Baine was hacink on with his axe on the satyrs back. when peroth"arn steped up on the platform he felt drained and needed energy, and their was plenty of energy on this half corporal creature: YOUR essence is MINE!: shouted Peroth"arn adn held Baine in the air where he coudent do anything but strugel. but Baine had ways to deal with opponent from a distance as well, using only one hand to ceep his neck from being snaped from the magic he grabed one of his totems with the other and though it at the satyr. Peroth"arn was in the lava agein but quicly maneged to get up agein, anfry and in pain he grabed Baines totem and prepared to though it back at the horned creture, but saw nothing. suprised Preoth"arn summoned forth a large amount of eyes and made them search for the creture, but they found nothing: I can see you: said Peroth"arn hoping to fool the touren to show himself. Baine emerged from the lava where he had been hiding, a trait that was unusual for a touren, bit Baine had done the same to Magatha grimtotem, using a false storm to hide goblin zeppelins and conquer Thunderbluff. Baine made another pulverize one Peroth"arns curent platform: My wrath knows no bounds!: Suprised peroth"arn receved anothe slice before trowing the totem at him, and then swam to the next platform thinking: Clever, littel worm: Baine folowed when he recovered but Paroth"arn used fel flames to block him from aproching, Preoth"arn then proceded casting Fel decay, causing much pain to the touren. Baine responded by thowing another totem at the satyr and then made his way up the platform before Peroth"arn, the two exchenging blows. Peroth"arn wanting to use the totem agein grabed it, but before he could Baine used another Pulverize: their will be no escape!: it was pwerfull enough that the totem sliped from Peroth"arns claws, casting fel decay while he swam to the final platfrom. when Peroth"arn emerged he had no hair left on his body and extremly chared, in pain and in anger Peroth"arn shouted: ENOUGH! it is time to end this game!: going in to a frenzy peroth"arn slashed at the touren with molten claws, finely doing more harm to his advesery then what he took himself, he finely saw victory in his bruning green eyes. But that though shatered into as many pieces as the final platform when baine used his final pulverize. With no more ground to stand on the satyr was dommed: NO! How can can this be!: was his last words before his head and then his claws sank in to the lava. Baine Victories but not queled said: Suffer for your arrogance: He then proceded to raise to platforms agein, where it was less sound to desdurb him.
Norzdormu dissapointed that one of Murozonds creations had foiled his plan to make it easier for the heroes, but he had could do this agein to the other echos in the dragon shrines if needed. As for peroth"arn, he died in the future so his past is still intact, the time has not been altered.

PS: my first comment, hope you like it^^

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