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Tides of War book release pushed back to July 24 {WoW}

Jan 24th 2012 1:23AM I was thinking about this last night... about the options they have.
I am not sure about how much of a solid timeframe the release date of the book gives, because I have seen those change a lot, very suddenly, especially with that particular publisher.
Then again, my thoughts are:
- The Alpha/F&F beta would have to start VERY soon for a release in June/July
- The Shattering was released on Oct 19th... 6-7 weeks before the Cata release. If the publishing date of the new one remains unchanged, we'd be looking at a release in early Sept.
- Would they even release a game in the summer? I was under the impression that thats an unpopular time of the year for game-releases (summer vacations, people being a bit less interested in gaming), but then again, I might be wrong
- Would it make sense to release it around the time summer-breaks end (Aug/Sep)?
- Would they really expect people to stick with 4.3 for a full year and actually put out MoP in December?

That approach, IMO, would be rather hardcore... it would be a rather reckless move, as to me, that would say "OK, some of you will stick with the game regardless of there being no content for a year, and all of those that will quit the game to check out other games because they are bored will surely come back for MoP"
That'd be a rather risky move IMO...there are several new games coming out in 2012, others (like SWTOR) might be developed further, offering more than they do right now, and I do think people will be bored by... I dunno, April?
With ICC, they did release the patch that opened it in Dec, a full year before Cata, but they did open ICC gradually, so the actual death of the LK didn't happen as soon as the death of DW.

I mean, 4.3 has been out for like 7 weeks, and to think of doing the three dungeons and those raids for another 10-11 months... I don't think Blizz expects that to work. I mean, if that was what will happen, people have enough time to gear all their alts all the way.

So I am quite puzzled by this, and if I was asked to bet, I would have no idea what month to put my money on...

The Queue: Short but sweet {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 11:10AM I can't answer your question, but thanks for asking it! I haven't seen that location before, but it sure goes onto the list of "Places that might have a very cool story attached to them"... several ones come to mind.

Know Your Lore: Scarlet Monastery revisited {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2012 8:05AM On a related note, what worries me is whether a change of the classic instances also means a change in design. I am mostly worried about Scholomance.
Don't get me wrong, yes, it can be a pain in the neck to do that one with a PUG if no one knows where to go, and no one asks or listens when someone tries to say "OK, the next boss is this way".
And I know some people dislike that instance for being less "straight ahead" as other, newer ones. But I really really hope they will not change it to "hallway with bosses 33, 66 and 99%" along the way, or "straight hallway with 2 rooms on each side, containing a boss and a bit of trash".

I know that would be easier for trash, but I would seriously miss the feeling of those old instances. Yes, they were not as simple to navigate as, say, VP or Forge Of Souls, but to me, that was part of their vibe. An old fortress/castle, and you explore it, fight your way through it. And Scholomance is nothing compared to BRD, DM or Kara when it comes to being "un-straight" =)

I really hope those instances won't be redesigned in the modern style. Sure, it's never fun to spend 4 hours with an impatient PUG in an instance that requires you to use your map, but part of the mystery, vibe and fun about those places was that you could explore, had to find their way, and it wasn't so totally predictable.

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