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Totem Talk: 5 ways to look like a bad restoration shaman {WoW}

Feb 15th 2012 5:35AM For me I get moments that I'm not casting, but that is to get the feel of the raid and how the other heals are doing, and our mastery is for low health. You will find it easier to manage mana when the water shield in combat mp5 is more then the cost of healing wave. Healing wave then becomes your spam heal, with the haste buff from rip/chain and the power boost from unleash. Healing surge will oom u quick, the mana u get for the crit is not enough to think of healing surge as nothing but a quicky 20-40k crit quick. after u get the target from dead with healing surge then greater healing wave.
with us giving the target healed 10% more of there HP allows me to spam healing wave with out the haste buff and and not go oom. dont stand there and do nothing but do at the least keep this 10% buff on the tank.

Totem Talk: How much do resto shaman set bonuses and mastery matter? {WoW}

Jan 28th 2012 5:41AM Wow maybe I'm doing something very very wrong. I still haven't gotten the set bonuses but i have swapped out my haste for mastery and for crit. this is why i feel like im doing something very very wrong. Crit is the one that gives me supa healing and mastery really dont have the same effect. Ive reforged my haste for both and we have a lot more wipes with me as a mastery shaman then me as a critical shaman. this is another reason im concerned about the set bonuses. i have the pieces to get the 2piece but im not sure if i want to lose mana regen from riptide, and chain heal not removing riptide off my target. I dont use my mana tide totem for me i use it for the rest of the raid. im competitive with my healing numbers and i dont go omm. the other healers around me pally, priest(holy or disc) and druid gets more use out of it then i do. Is my problem that im around good healers that i dont need the mastery? and im casting lighting bolt so i dont go omm? and lastly my haste is 1220. why is my shaman stats and stuff so different then others?

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