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Exclusive: Watch "Race to World First" documentary free through Feb. 3 {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2012 4:14AM Oh I see, you think im a typical jock and all i do is play sports. Well, ill admit i am a nerd to in the sense that i have 5 85s, 3 of which are raiders, 1 of which is heroic raiding. I do game alot, and i get my competitive edge from playing sports. It works differently for everyone sure, but sports always will have the dominated edge. It's undisputed. Take ALL gamers, theyll say sports suck. Take ALL Sports players, theyll say games are for weak dorks. Take the rest of the people and slightly mention WoW. Theyll look at you as if you are speaking another language. Take rest of people and slightly mention a few sports. They will know more about it and be more involved than with this game. You and everyone else who downvotes this and upvotes your statement are just another pile of stereotypical south park badass behind the computer desk. If technology ended today, All the hardcore 40h per week gamers would be last on the list of survivors. I suppose you think being a hardcore CoD player makes you unreal at actual warfare? Before you go ahead and say all warfare is stupid blah blah blah, what happends if you were drafted, or any of these people for that matter? Actually, id be glad to have you in there, gotta send in some kind of decoy in the front lines. Gamers dont control shit, Geeks definitely contribute to good and bad things of the world. There are no stadiums for gamers except for a flimsy table at blizzcon. Athletes make money, not gamers. Get used to it.

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