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A spoiler-free look at the Mists of Pandaria beta {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 6:10PM LOL you too? Just earlier today, I was thinking about the MoP release, and her prediction is Sept-Oct. When she said that, I replied "Oh alright, ok. If that's true, then I will get my beta invite around Aug.20th..." =)

Wolfheart audiobook on sale now, listen to samples for free {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 6:08PM Agreed. I'm not a fan of Knaak, but I did find WotA ok, and after having to struggle through Stormrage (I didnt enjoy reading that at all) and Night of the Dragon (less of a struggle, simply ridiculous, unfortunately), this one was better than I expected.

Wolfheart audiobook on sale now, listen to samples for free {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 6:05PM Aye, its hard to understand why they're still so expensive. I bought the older ones for the Kindle for cheap (I think 2-3 dollars per piece), but I'm not sure whether that was only a temporary offer.

A spoiler-free look at the Mists of Pandaria beta {WoW}

Apr 4th 2012 5:45PM I am not sure whether that is true... is it possible that that was a theory that was repeated often enough for it to become something people think is a fact?
Because, if 1 mill people got the annual pass, and 300K invites were sent out, and you haven't received an invite...I dunno, it sounds unlikely that those 30% of the annual pass buyers all created their account before you.
What I heard is that it is based on how soon you bought the annual pass.... which sounds more likely.
I don't think it's the system they have, because not everyone of the people who got an invite had their system info in their info.

I might be wrong, maybe there is an official word by Blizz on what determines when you get your invite, but I figured it was the date of when you bought the pass.

Shifting Perspectives: The joy of panic {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 7:50PM Totally agreed! BUT... let's not forget that not everyone has a chance, patience, time or the will to dive that deeply into how a class works. I don't wanna strike up any "casual player" thing or anything, but there are a lot of players who wanna be able to deal with certain situations without it being TOO challenging.
I am not saying there should be an "ez mode 2 button tank", but I think that for those that simply dislike the "predict damage, understand exactly what abilities you use so you can use them in the perfect order" type playing or don't have the time, patience, or maybe even skill to learn it, there should still be a way to tank.
Will they be amazing tank? Those tanks that simply seem to handle even the craziest situation perfectly? No, of course not. But should they be able to tank for a PUG or LFR without being blown up very quickly because they can't adjust to "all tanks working this way" now? I think yes, I do think Blizz should offer something for them as well, even if they don't wanna put in the work and "research" and practice you put into your tank or I put into my healers.
Just saying =)

Shifting Perspectives: The joy of panic {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 7:44PM A very good point, and I keep saying that there should be a balance between "challenge" and "fun". It can be incredible fun when you overcome a challenge, but if it gets to the point where it is just frustrating, the fun goes way.
I am aware that it's hard to balance it all... think about it, you want some variety between healing/tanking/DPS-specs/styles, yet all combinations should work out somehow...otherwise we'd head back to "OK, for this fight we need class/spec A; F and M...the others are benched, because with you, it's much harder" all the way.

Its also a matter of taste. A lot of healers HATED the early Cata-healing, when it felt like all the workload rested on the shoulders of the healer, I know of many healers who gave up back then...and I'm worried it'll be like this again in MoP. Sure, it all evens out eventually with gear, but still, I am worried it will be just mindless "OMG pls let us get done with this instance, I just wanna make it through here so I am done with it", when it should be "OK, cool, this is a challenge, let's see *rubs hands*"...and it's not only your own approach to see things optimistically - if things get so frustratingly difficult, it sucks the fun out.
OFC, it seems as if a lot of guys liked the "strategic healing" style of early Cata (I do think though it must have been more fun in guild groups than in PUGs), so who knows which way Blizz will lean into.

Don't get me wrong, I dont want total ez-mode. I dont wanna be bored. I love challenges, love how my three healers struggle at different situations, where I have to THINK about how to approach different situations.
If it becomes a pure "like pulling teeth, let's PRAY we make it through without me being votekicked because that DPS died twice", it won't be fun, at least to me

Shifting Perspectives: The joy of panic {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 7:30PM Jyotai,
Even though I do think that Blizz, or at least some people there, are aware of the "social side of it", I do agree to your post very much.
I don't find tanking much harder than the other roles.. its different, because of the responsibility (which is something the DPS have too, because if they ignore mechanics or dont watch out, they can cause wipes as well), because of the higher demand for situational awareness, and because you usually are the designated "leader", having to know the way through each instance (then again, most dungeons these days are very straight-forward, it takes a lot of effort to get lost, and I assume that trend will continue with the change to Scholo and SM).

It's just that you often end up as the scapegoat. Id like to point out, by the way, that even though there are prolly more healers than tanks, a lot of this is true for healers as well, because if a DPS blows his biggest CD right at the beginning and gets oneshot, you still are likely get abuse for not being able to outheal that 290K crit.

The reward-bags were supposed to help, and the next step was the change to threat-generation, but I still think that the main reason for the tank shortage is not that there aren't enough players who wanna do it..I think a lot of people want to, but get discouraged or ridiculed if they queue for a PUG, point out there are new to it, ask for some patience...and get kicked or yelled at or called a "noob" in many groups.

From a healer perspective, I see this a lot, especially now, at the end of the expansion, when more people focus on rolling alts. I have had several groups where the tank obviously was new at tanking, but didnt even dare to say it (and dont get me started on DPS being unsure about boss mechanics, but never admitting it because they're afraid of getting called a "nub") . As soon as a pull goes wrong, those tanks quit the group - have seen this a lot recently, just last night in ET for example.
Its no wonder though, because I think there is less tolerance for bad performance. Sure, if the tank totally messes up each pull, it will cost more repairs than, say, a DPS doing less than average DPS (which can cause problems in DPS races too), but there are people who want to do well, want to learn it, and then get discouraged when they try.

Shifting Perspectives: The joy of panic {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 7:15PM ...which would make Enhance shammies happy as well...they haven't had many choices when it comes to legendaries for a while =)
I don't know though what the community would say if it was agi fist weapons which could theoretically be used by rogues, since they just had a legendary.
Maybe put class restrictions on it, for druid and shaman?

Then again, considering that GC apparently thinks it was much too easy to get legendaries recently, my shammy prolly won't wield one until the expansion after MoP =)

Shifting Perspectives: The joy of panic {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 7:08PM I agree to TonyKP

Shifting Perspectives: The joy of panic {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 7:06PM Great advice all around!
It definitely is better to learn tanking while leveling, instead of doing a "jump start", speccing into feral, buying lots of armour and going "OK, so I have these 12 abilities...what do I do when". Even with improved threat generation these days, doing a heroic pug right then will probably lead to a lot of problems. (Ask me how I know! =))
I switched my pally to prot at some point, and even though the tanking-style isn't terribly complicated, I still felt like I was missing something, so I rolled yet another pally and decided to level him through instances alone.

That way, you learn and appreciate each and every ability one by one, because at first, you have like 2-3 abilities, and have to make it work with those... you really will learn how to do it, or otherwise things will fall apart.
Then, you get another, new ability, and can experiment with it. You'll use it for quite some time, and I think it makes you understand its purpose even better that way, instead of getting all of them at the same time, trying to find out what to use when and why.

I can't stress enough though that you will definitely need nerves and a thick hide (no pun intended!). Low level dungeons can be much worse than lvl 85 heroics or LFR, because people know there is more room for error.
So you will have ranged DPS doing ninja pulls. You manage to somehow get threat on them, and then, said ranged DPS unloads his next big attack on that mob...or another one which you haven't really had time to work on yet.
You can either go "OK, you yank it, you tank it", and possibly face a votekick even though you are right (esp. if the rest of the PUG is from the same guild)... at least you don't have to wait long for the next group when you requeue.

Or you can see it as hardcore training, kinda "OK, it's me against the mobs AND the dps" and try to use every ability to have to keep everything under control, no matter what. This will encourage the behaviour of the other guys, sure, but man, you will know how to deal with pretty much everything when you get to level cap =)
(And, I am afraid to say, even if you berate them, point out they're doing it wrong, just making it harder for you and the healer, even if you quit the group or let the overanxious guy die...I doubt it will cure them anyway. The usual reaction will be the good ol' "LOL noob!". Witty, right?)

I have a second account just for tank and healing chars, to level them from the start, even though I was playing those classes at 85 already. Still, starting over at zero made me understand the specs, rotations, priorities, possibilities and limitations much better than just jumping in at 85 with 12 icons on my action bar and 0 ideas on how to use them without wasting all of my mana in the first 15 seconds.

And, just in case this all sounded discouraging, its not meant to be, quite the opposite! It can be fun, because you will not always have horrible people with a Recount-hangup in your PUG... I met lots of nice people too, who were patient, watched their threat, forgave any mistake I made etc. And appreciated a tank that wasn't grumpy or bossy (afterwards, I understood why a lot of them are though)

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