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3 things Battlegrounds should borrow from SW:TOR's Warzones {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 7:40AM @tyler,

Complaining that people just go in to warzones to farm medals is the strangest reason to promote WOW over SWTOR. There are plenty of people in battlegrounds that are just there to farm honorable kills/honor, so don't pay any attention to the objectives there either, so that topic is a wash between the two games. Some people are just out for themselves no matter what game they play.

And as for an extra mechanic for healers in battlegrounds? That mechanic is: if you are standing nearby a teammate killing an opponent, you are included in the honorable kill. This is not a healer-only mechanic, and you don't even have to be doing something relevant to get it.

The 50% honor increase for defenders sounds familiar, but what good does it do if you are a lone defender getting killed by 5 attackers. If you don't take an objective (return a flag, defend a node, etc.) or kill anyone, 50% of 0 is still 0.

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