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The last gasp of 25-man raiding {WoW}

Feb 24th 2012 8:03PM @jjustaposter:

Evolution is good. Sure, WoW was built on the EQ experience - and I am glad it "fixed" lots of annoyances (remember the grindiness or the XP loss from deaths?) from that game. I have raided 72s in EQ, 40s in Vanilla, and 25s up to the end of Wrath - and the fact that the same ex-EQ WoW developers saw sense in smaller numbers isn't something to QQ about.

From all the "25s are dying" hullabaloo, it is apparent that people who'd rather play 25s (or would quit if they couldn't) do not comprise even close to 20% of the playerbase. Blizzard is going with what most players have fun with - if that's not for you, feel free to go. And with your caustic "you sorta are the shitty casual majority" attitude, I doubt you'll be missed.

Finally, while you were busy being a poser, you missed the point of the post to which you replied. That point isn't "10s are better" or "25s are better." The point is that bribing a majority of players into playing parts of the game they don't like is the wrong approach - instead, either fix what's turning them off, or scrap the undesirable parts. Blizzard has done it before - the single graveyard in the Barrens, the endless turtle in WSG, the zones that didn't have enough quests to level up and required mindless mob grinding, the class-specific Tier sets, the multi-cast mining nodes, etc. - and will undoubtedly do it again.

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