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The case for cross-faction Real ID raiding {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 9:29PM Sorry it took me so Long to respond I was busy today.
But, if you delve into the lore of some of these factions, you will find some contradictions to your points.
First off, the druids in firelands are part if the avengers and defenders of hyjal. They are Druids and warriors that are dedicated to the defense of nature. They do keep their horde and alliance ties so that they may recruit help when needed, or help others when needed. But their ties to nature is more important to them. Malfurion keeps his carnassial ties so that he may keep contact with his love, tyrande. He does help with political matters, but not because he loves Doing that. It's because he wants to lessen the burden on his beloved wife.

Same with thrall, but he was more drastic. He denounce his mantle as warchief and is now the leader of the earthen ring.

As far as the ashen verdict goes, tirion doesn't consider himself a stormwind night, (read his book lore, "of blood and honor". ) in the lore , he defended the orc that honored him, because he saw them as something more than an evil. Yes, this does help your cause but it is also the downfall. He doesn't say he is part of either faction. He and his knights are a seperate faction.

In the shattered suns case, they only allied with alliance because they were forced to seek help, not willingly .

Now, I see what you mean , the factions are neutral. Bit that doesn't mean the members ENJOY helping the other faction, they do it out Of necessity. If you asked a random soldier in the ashen verdict, he would probably prefer to ally with the alliance in a war if he had to. Same goes with an Orc.
They do help each other but only when they are out of all other options, and if I have noticed enough, servers have tons of willing horde and alliance on them ready to combat the evils of Azeroth, and beyond! The problem is weeding out the fit fighters from the unfit. This isn't hard to do if you are serious about raiding. If you aren't serious and you just want to be able to see the content, find a RF group. Raiding isn't for you.

Should Blizzard leave heroic encounter difficulty alone? {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 9:57PM Leave heroic alone
It's called heroic for a reason

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