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Scattered Shots: Hunter expertise in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 13th 2012 5:34PM Maybe I can shed a little light on the hit/dodge in this thread. i am a hunter in-game and in real life and it is the latter that I will use to explain the answer to those that are wondering how they can be dodged if they are hit capped. As an archer I have to practice quite a bit to keep my skill up to an acceptable level in order to reach my goal of taking an animal without it suffering unduly, and I am able to keep my shots at the target within the "kill zone" but when I shoot at a live target there are variables that cannot be practiced for. For example, a deer has incredible hearing and at the sound of the arrow being fired can jump so fast that the shot misses, that is a dodge and it is called in the hunting world, jumping the string. Now hit means you can hit a stationary target every time you shoot, expertise means you can hit that same target while it is actively trying to get out of the way of the shot.

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