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Blizzard committed to keeping a sense of community {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 10:31AM This is what I posted on the forum... It has a few more details:

How about a community posts/activities board, like at a coffee house? Which would allow realm players to make announcements/events they wish to open up to the realm community at large... This would extend the "guild calendar" idea to more than just a guild, an promote people in a particular realm to partake in any shenanigans one might think up. I know this wouldn't nessesarally fix anything, but I'd like to think it would be an avenue which might be considered...

This idea could even be extended to special achievements, maybe some meta-achievements rendering community rewards like pets or titles. Maybe gold, leveling of a perfession, or temperary buffs for completion.

Another idea I had is a community swap meet/junk box... I for one have LOADS of old leveling/crafting mats which continually wont sell on the AH, I have no bag space for, nor will the guild except for the guild bank. While this would have to be limited to items o value it could afford players looking for bulk items they wouldn't find elsewhere to be available. Some sort of management (perhaps each major patch) the junk box could be flushed by the server cache and be emptied.

How about a inner faction tournaments? 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5... Maybe a "grand melee" (free for all concept) which would rinder titles and gold rewards. This would serve to promote the people which PvP or think they are "awesome" the opertunitiy to find out how "awesome" they are/are not. It would also aquatint these people to each other and establish who's who on the server...

These ideas could even be opened up to the battle group... Something I've encounter in BG's is that "well, all we have is so we're screwed!"... But if the servers in the battle group were acquainted there would be more opertunitiy to actually get to know the other servers a bit more.

Just some ideas I've been kicking around... (always thinking up things like this)

Please excuse the typos, I'm posting from my iPhone. :(

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