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Totem Talk: Getting resurrected restoration shaman back to speed, and level 90 talents {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2012 2:01AM Focussed insight + Healing Rain = Win That's the trick I've found in 10's and 25's. Also, keep in mind that your Earth Shield buffs your direct heals by 18%. Keep your tank shielded, and keep riptide ticking. When raid damage occurs, you can fire a chain heal on your tank to maximize the output of chain heal, then immediately riptide him again. Also, know your fights and classes. When I have to maximize my chain heals for heavy raid damage (i.e Skittle Boss clump phases or Zon'ozz) I'm been well known to throw my earthshield on our rogue to maximize output (He's a "mut" rogue with the quickening talent. Due to our lack of absorbs, we sometimes fall behind pallys and disc priests, but it is also the nature of our class since we are reactive healers and our HoT's are somewhat limited. Knowing when to use spirit link can be a raid saver in a 10 man. We have used it to bring a tank back from the edge at the end of Madness, and it will heal people inside Hagarra's ice blocks.

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