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Joyswag: Joystiq's Legendary Halo 3 Giveaway {Joystiq}

Sep 27th 2007 8:18PM wouldn't want to fase the arbiter!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty {WoW}

Mar 28th 2007 2:24PM I know rasza for a fact, and it's a he.

Gamestop shenanigans sell open games as 'new' {Joystiq}

Mar 26th 2007 11:36AM after reading all of your 300 comments, my brain hurts like hell. i used to work at a gamecrazy and all our items are factory sealed. the only time we ever put gutted boxes out is if there is a 'children's only section' and you put the case out and gut it, the only other reason it would be open is because of our 'test any game' slogan.

it's true as long as it's a newer system within the last two generations you can test it, even if it just came out a day ago (sadly most gamecrazy’s don’t have ps3 displays).

i am as anal as all these people, when i go into the competitors store i.e. gamestop/eb and they give me a new gutted copy, i ask them for a sealed. it voids the unopened refund. because there are times i go home and don't open games for weeks at a time, because there are to many games to play. or times where the I buy the game at gamestop and get it for cheper somewhere else (just recently they sell custom robo arena ds for 35, amazon has it for 26 right now)

as far as new games with saves, that is complete bullshit there should be no reason a 'new' game has a save on it. There was one time I played dragon quest: rocket slime, and for a week at work, put about 11 hours of play, but I bought it because I liked it so much.

you guys complain about going into a store with bad customer service and bad policies. ftw, and i wish i was in europe so i could get some of those unreleased games from

i have to be on both sides though, because customers can be complete idiots and employees assholes as well.

i go into many gamestops to find rare games, and when i went to the one, i asked if it came with the manual, as simple as 'cooking mama' and the employee told me i didn't need one to play, well i don't care if i ever read the manaul, very rarely do i, i want it for it's complete factor, i must have everything, it's nice to have a complete item.

customers coming in and asking about the 'wire' (wii) or asking me about prices when they are clearly marked on the box or under the item.

as far as profitability on new games, it’s near 15% - 25%, they make all there money on used games, because at my old store, if you traded a game in for say 5 dollars credit, we sold it for 10 – 15, so it’s easily a 50% - 66% profit margin on the stores part. So if you want to screw them over, continue to buy new games and sell them online.

I could go on, but I’ll leave it to you blasphemers to yell it out.

1UP and IGN agree! Halo 3 in September {Joystiq}

Mar 16th 2007 1:10PM Halo 1 - November 15, 2001
Halo 2 - November 9, 2004
Halo 3 - ?

hmm well if they would stick to there trend November. anyways september is a shitty month for sales. If they are smart November is the key to success, with christmas right around the corner. I hope it's not released in Sept.

Samwise Didier, Warcraft icon {WoW}

Mar 16th 2007 11:27AM I was in botanica, and my friend sharded a piece of equipment from a boss and gave the shard to me, and it was the icon of warrior ability 'defiance' until i logged out like 5 minutes later and logged back in and it was fine, bothered the hell out of me.

Wii developer: publishers wary of creating for Nintendo {Joystiq}

Jan 25th 2007 1:15PM it's called make third party games with the classic controller! all is settled. everyone wins.