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In-game fixes for April 20th and April 21st {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 11:25AM "...chances are pretty good that if you have the gear to down Emalon, you don't need much if anything from Archavon. The result is that people who could actually use the Archavon drops are being disallowed from attempting to get gear."

This. VoA in its current state is broken by design, and needs to be rethought.

Breakfast Topic: Too much politics in your WoW? {WoW}

Nov 4th 2008 8:18AM Republican, are we? I'm so sorry.

SimpleMovieX: QuickTime Pro replacement {}

May 6th 2007 11:36AM @skoalbandit: left arrow, right arrow, "i," and "o." The shortcuts are there. Just do what comes naturally.

Think 1.0 {}

Feb 6th 2007 6:03AM "Full screen mode" is for switchers who miss "maximize." Why, oh why, do you have to encourage the PC users to crash the party? This is the cancer that is killing the Mac platform.

Thomas Hawk Switches {}

Dec 3rd 2006 11:07AM This thread is full of lulz. I think it's safe to say you've all just been trolled.

Beta Beat: Drive-in {}

Dec 2nd 2006 10:33PM Can't you just drag the VIDEO_TS folder onto your hard disk and avoid the need to pay for equivalent functionality? Apple's DVD has a perfectly functional "Open VIDEO_TS Folder" menu item, I mean, it's always worked for me with my PowerBook. So the only benefit of this program is, er... the organization? Which Spotlight would do for you anyway? Or am I missing something?

Thomas Hawk Switches {}

Dec 2nd 2006 10:21PM Sorry. I meant to answer #10 ("It's not hate, but that air of superiority..."), not #11. BTW, we Mac users aren't different "just to be different." We have different interests than dweebs like you because we have a fundamentally different perspective on the world. But with the Mac's sudden popularity among you PC refugees, the Mac community has become less collegial, more diluted, and frankly, less tasteful. Uglier. This has nothing to do with elitism and everything to do with resentment against you switcheurs inviting yourselves into our clubs, our MUGs, our bedrooms. As I said before, go back to your PC and leave us Mac users alone.

Thomas Hawk Switches {}

Dec 2nd 2006 10:09PM Hey, #11: Why should I leave the Mac, my platform of choice since 1984, just because all you *switcheurs* have started pretending to be Mac users too? Macworlds lately are getting too crowded with you and your kind; we real Mac users hate the sight of you. We hate your khakis, your buzzcuts, your polo shirts, your popped collars and your Sharper Image gadgetry. There was a time you could approach someone you saw in a Brooklyn coffeeshop clacking away at her PowerBook 540c and you'd know there would be an instant connection there. It was like that once, and it'll be that way again, once we're rid of you insufferable squares. Go back to Linux or Windows or wherever you came from, or just choke on beige and die.