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25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Mar 31st 2009 10:47PM I disagree with the post and think that there should be different gearsets for each as it is. The ultimate flaw IMHO is that using current content as a basis is only a slight amount of the total data. It's just hard to remember that we're on phase 1 of a 4 phase project. You have to consider arguments that hold water for all 4 phases on a decision like this which is what it will be.

Blues have admitted:
- They overtuned Sarth3D 10 man and it should have been easier or 25 should have been harder. Design flaw by blizzard.
- Naxx 10/25 currently rewards low skill level. The current environmental hazards can be healed through so low skill existing can allow for good results anyway.
- Ulduar and later will allow for less error again and will require persons to manage mana again. These are two VERY DISTINCT flaws in the current design that makes both modes incredibly easier than they should be.
- They had to do what they could to redesign Naxx to the 10/25 man model and people have had years to learn/master the content. This created a instance that was easily puggable from day 1. Ulduar will not be the same as the further raid instances.

I'll agree, if the rest of WOTLK was designed as it is today, then this argument holds 110% water. The problem is as the dungeons evolve and key elements that have been removed are restored (Mana management, error punishment increased, Positioning Complexity, self-awareness, increased chaos control) then 25 man content will start to quickly show complexity again.

We're just revisiting the core of the game... MC40 could allow 1/3rd of the raid to be sloppy to succeed, Naxx40 eventually could require no one to be sloppy for success.

*plink plink* 2 cents

Addon devs respond to Blizzard UI policy changes {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2009 2:41PM There's a lot of people here that understand IP basics and others who don't understand fully cause they're emotionally flailing out against the change.

Here's an analogy for those who might not grasp the full aspect of this.

Scenario 1:
Wow Trading card game has official cards they use. At this example, ONLY they can create cards cause they own the copyright to the game. (wow without addons)

Scenario 2: WoW Trading card game has official cards they use. They set guidelines for others to create cards for the game if they want in an attempt to make the game more interesting. Some of the better custom cards will show in a future set as an official card since it added so much to the game (WoW with addons as it was, implementing solid addons to future patches, perfect world scenario, I'd consider this before paid addons started to come out)

Scenario 3: WoW trading card game has official cards and allow for custom cards. However, when looking at the quality of the game, some custom card makers realized that their work interesting enough that they got creative. Some created fake languages and enabled people to pay money to learn the language to use these ULTRA cards. (Encrypted code) Others figured that their cards were good enough to actually make people purchase the cards themselves before they could use them. (WoW with addons as it was, including the circumstances that could cause problems)

Scenario 4: WoW cards and custom cards. Some people decided that they'd create custom games and if they got tips for their work it'd be fine if someone mailed them or gave them money, that's spiff cause their thought and effort went into the work. Others decided that when distributing their free cards, They'd put advertisements on the cards themselves saying "Hey, if you like this card, you can tip me if you want while you play the game." (The best analogy I could think of about the donations... but it's not a good one I admit)

Scenario 5: Blizzard looked at 3 and 4, saw problems that could develop from it and then looked at scenario 1 and 2. They want to keep custom cards so they chose scenario 2 and made basic guidelines on addons to ensure it stays this way. (Which is basicly what we have going on here)

It's not really an awesome analogy, I'll admit, but I'm seeing a consistant list of people saying "This shouldn't happen!" and others say "I understand!" and I think it's because they don't understand the actual thoughts on some of it because it's not "physical"

Addon devs respond to Blizzard UI policy changes {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2009 2:14PM Correction:

You are a big fan of Group Calendar, it's a shame that it's developer is stepping away from the project but you will patiently wait for another to pick it up.

Addon devs respond to Blizzard UI policy changes {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2009 2:07PM Correction:

You are a big fan of Outfitter, it's a shame that it's developer is stepping away from the project but you will patiently wait for another to pick it up or try one of the 3 major alternatives. (Itemrack, ClosetGnome, Blizzard Equipment Manager)

Official forums temporarily set to read only {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 9:14AM My thoughts aren't that the "Forums are broken, now realms are broken." type circumstance, I think it's a matter of manpower.

If the website goes down at all then it's very possible that the same people who handle this problem handle that problem.

If that's true, which it probably is, then they have to take one of their database analysts that are working on the problem, have them step away from the problem at hand and perform the necessary process to restart the website. This may seem trivial, but if it's something like a hard reboot, that means they have to leave their team area to go to the server room to reboot it manually if remote rebooting doesn't respond.

Now, imagine if you are working on a solid Database debug (which this is) and every 15-30 minutes one of your members of your team steps away and has to come back and start from a now interrupted train of thought. This is ineffective, ESPECIALLY in a crunch time.


You turn off the source of the website crashing... suddenly your entire DBA team can consistently work on the issue without interruption. Also, when updates happen, they can communicate them to the populous and keep their protocol of "inform the customer".

My two cents.... not to defend blizzard, but to show a different angle of why this could be an important step to take.

BigRedKitty: Mammoth {WoW}

Nov 4th 2008 3:35PM We were testing the mammoth on the beta and found something INSANE -- Read this ::

When you jump off a distance of 70+ yards, the MAMMOTH takes all the damage and the passengers dismount... only to be able to remount again. That is a FANTASTIC advantage to quick shortcuts on farming runs as well.

We've tried it on massive falls, same results, mammoth takes it all.

The Art of War(craft): DotA-style Battleground in WotLK? {WoW}

Jun 4th 2008 6:13PM Thanks for taking the information I had Zach. My friend has stated a few other pieces of information since I sent in the tip.

- In the current version on paper, no items or levels are confirmed as the goal is creating a new dynamic BG, not a replacement DOTA.
- The "item" replacements are thought of in terms of buffs or vehicles as I deduced and you reported. According to what I've now been told, they are toying with one of three scenarios at this time... I was explained a bit about the one they're considering most which is based on personal achievement. I'll elaborate what I have below in a copy paste of the email.
- Vehicles are highly considered for it, though a plan for their implementation comes later in it's process.
- I have no further confirmation if NPC floods are in or not.. it's another item that's not confirmed one way or another.

Here's one of my emails I've received from my friend today.

"It was learned from AV that putting PvE mechanics in a PvP environment does not help the goal of the instance as much as it blurs the strategy. Too many options provided too much disunity in a team. Buffs as they stand in the current battleground are not really thought of in terms of strategy but rather bonuses when available.

The most workable solution of a buff being strategic was the use of boots in the tunnels of WSG, that's the style of use we'd like to see. Buffs of a random nature in AB and EOTS don't serve the strategic purpose that we've desired as they are rarely utilized or planned around. They've become interested bonuses and the source of some of our favorite little youtube films of warlocks providing tens of thousands of damage... but I digress.

They're looking into rewarding personal achievements that are pvp related. Examples so far are the obvious ones on the scoreboard, damage, killing blows, healing done, buildings destroyed, etc. When a predefined increment is achieved, you can turn in a quest at your castle to provide the buff. This would allow multiple people to save up their buffs, turn them in as a group and push forward together in a rush with some minor verbal communication. The buffs are being considered in a fashion to be higher than your average buff, making them more of a strategic boost instead of a mere bonus that might not be recoginzed fully.

Vehicles are still in discussion and I have no more nifty tidbits for you on that. Just that they're planned, just not fully decided on which path of implementation to go as of yet."

Take it as you will :) I know he's trustworthy.

- Kevin

Curse Gaming site revamp {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2006 11:08AM Curse-gaming's old best feature: Addons section....
Curse-gaming's new best feature: Everything but the addons section.

There's an old rule for making user focused websites... and that's the acronym KISS -- Keep it simple stupid. I give them props for doing what they did with every other part of the game.. but when I have to do a search for "interface" to find atlas, and can't do a search for "atlas" to find atlas.. that's poor user functionality.

It almost looks like they've put more focus into the project they wanted it to be, instead of keeping a focus on the userbase who accesses it. Besides, why have a favorites section that you can't easily scroll through and just click "download"?

Sorry, I'm not happy with these changes, and it's not the fact that they thought out of the box.. it's the fact they went with a game plan that obviously not excecuted well enough. Especially with no way to determine if it's for the current or future patch with ease... on the verge of a content patch and expansion.

Let's hope they tune out the bugs and create the features that were removed from the old site that the users are plugging all over their "1" forum.