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Scattered Shots: Hunting Mists of Pandaria talents {WoW}

Dec 9th 2011 3:09PM @velutina: That doesn't follow. Knowing which cc is most useful for a fight is awareness, not number-crunching. If you need to go online to determine that Intimidation stuns adds on a boss where the raid leader tells you that only stuns work, then you're class awareness is sorely lacking. Worst-case scenario is that you adjust the talent between pulls.

Or to use another example: of the three level 90 traps, Black Ice would be most effective if you've been tasked with add kiting (for example, the parasites in Magmaw). If you understand in advance what the talents actually do, you shouldn't have to go online to figure that out; it should be a simple "Hunter, can you kite these adds?" followed by "sure, just give me a sec to swap a talent."

Granted, something like the Level 75 talents will be number-crunched to death, but the reality is that there will be a shorthand that will be 90% optimal. Is there a DPS race at the end? Then Readiness is probably the way to go for a giant burst. Is sustained DPS more important? Then Thrill of the Hunt will probably be the choice. Or are there adds/events that occur where it's necessary for you to down them quickly? Fervor might be the choice in case you're caught relatively focus-starved. (These are just examples and not to be taken as gospel)

Will there be sites that say For Boss X spec A-E-H-K-N-Q? Of course. But fight and class awareness - along with (hopefully) a relatively easy system for talent-swapping - makes these largely irrelevant.

Scattered Shots: Hunting Mists of Pandaria talents {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 2:05PM "Here we see a bunch of familiar talents letting us choose between silence, CC, and interrupt & stun. I'm curious to see if Intimidation gets changed at all. Right now Wyvern Sting is going to be the way to go in 5-mans, and Silencing Shot is probably the best call for raids -- but it all depends how the abilities change."

No no NO, Frostheim. C'mon, they already told us that we'll be able to swap talents like we do glyphs, so you're not going to have a build per function, but a build per boss. For example: Intimidation is useful against the exploding adds in the Ragnaros fight, so Hunters will take it for Ragnaros. If the boss has melee adds, Wvyern Sting may be the way to go, while if there are caster adds, Silencing Shot will be the call.