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Forum Post of the Day: Twinks ruin low level BGs {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2006 6:39PM i had a lvl 19 twink, which i made after my main a 60 priest, after weeks of healing wich tbh sucks WSG was amamzing, the reson you compain about the twinks is you havent got 1, when you put in the hours farmning gold to pay 4 + agi crusader and shaddowfang along with all the other twink items you will get so much joy comming top of the board in each WSG not beacuse you won but because you earned it,

WSG is about teamwerk anyway everyone knows you will always loose if you dnt kill as a team try splitting the raid into grps people defending peple midfield and people attacking..

havent got a 60 to grind 4 you?? get a 30 and farm DM and darkshore you will be supprised how much linnen sells also try auctioner addon it gives prices of each drop a must have if your always skint..

there isnt any differnce between an epic horde and a V's blue/green ally and a twinked 19 v's a normal 19, you just gotta put the hours to get your gear