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Officers' Quarters: Raiding "blind" {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 10:45PM Question to original poster:

I assume that in your casual guild, the raid roster shifts around a bit from week to week. What happens if you get to a boss you killed before, but now there are some people in the raid that haven't seen the encounter before.

Will they be told what to do? Or is everybody to keep quiet, and let the new guys figure it out for themselves too?

New beta notes (and Shaman spell) {WoW}

Dec 18th 2006 8:16AM Any changes on the Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon? On every spell that lands, it gives a 2% chance of 100% mana regen from spirit for 15 seconds, regardless of the five-second-rule. I love this card and paid good money for the Beasts Deck. I would hate to see the effect replaced.

Breakfast Topic: Biggest problem with Warcraft today {WoW}

Dec 4th 2006 6:33AM My biggest disappointment is that the gear that healing classes obtain through raiding, is practically useless to them in their solo game. Compare this to the damage dealers, who gain new items that vastly improve their solo game.