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Guildwatch: Open your face jellyfish {WoW}

Jun 5th 2008 12:13AM I was an officer of Lords of the Realm and a current officer of Devotion. That story is NOT what happened at all, and is what happens when someone takes bits and pieces of several accounts, assumes things, and relies on hearsay to recount a story.

Suffice to say, the departure of those members from Lords of the Realm had NOTHING to do with loot. The leader of Lords of the Realm was not upset, nor whining,about how loot was handled. That was just a misunderstanding that was quickly resolved.

The trigger for the "blow-up" was something else entirely. That night's events was not the guild leader's fault at all (despite how it is painted in this story), but rather a culmination of past differences in guild leadership that had been building up over the period of a year.

Whoever sent this gossip into this column needs to get their facts straight before doing such a thing. Obviously, that person wasn't even there for the raid, and relied on third party information, because s/he didn't even get the guild leader's class correct. As Gnimtrov stated, the guild leader was on his Holy Paladin, not his Druid.

Anyone from Bronzebeard, or our two guilds should take anything written in this story with a grain of salt.

-JenJennifer / Bronzebeard/ Devotion

Caption This! [Updated] {WoW}

May 30th 2007 4:26PM "You're not as furry as you think you are!"

New Arena items every season {WoW}

May 29th 2007 1:41AM You would think that people should actually be happy, when blizzard is introducing many different ways to enjoy the game. I'm glad that Blizzard is not making WoW a one dimensional game in which the only thing worth doing is raiding (ala Everquest). Not everyone enjoys raiding, nor do they have the time or schedules to raid.

Some people enjoy the dynamic challenges that PvP provides, instead of scripted encounters.

It may be true that a person may be able to eventually save up for gladiator gear even with an 0-10 record every week, but it sure would take them a long time.

Many players only get ~325 points/week, making the least expensive single piece of gear at least 4 weeks to attain.

Pure raiders should worry about themselves and not try to shove raiding down the throats of everyone else who is trying to enjoy the game.

Under development page updated with new end-game content {WoW}

Apr 10th 2007 8:59AM I'm glad that they are putting in new content for casual players. Some people work and have school, and do not have the time or available schedule to raid.

I would have quit WoW, or went to Everquest a long time ago if it was geared only towards raid players.

Thank you Blizzard for thinking of everyone, and for those selfish raiders who only think of themselves and only want raid content, you suck :)

LFG channel to return {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2007 8:11PM It's better than only having the LFG tool, but it's not as good as how it used to be when we only had global LFG channel.

The reason why, as people have said, is that you can reach out to people who aren't actively looking for a group - you'd be surprised how many people will join a group on an impulse, or if they're just walking around questing.

I never had any problems with spam before, because i had LFG channel filter mods, where I would just put in keywords for those things that I was interested in, and it would only show sentences that contained those keywords. For example, if i was on a level 37 alt, I would have keywords of "SM, scarlet, ZG, ony, and AQ." Then only sentences containing those words or parts of those words would show.

This would allow me to look for SM groups for my level 37 alt, while allowing me to keep an eye out for level 60 raids for my main.

AddOn Spotlight: MetaHUD {WoW}

Feb 8th 2007 7:44PM DHUD is not discontinued. Drathal HUD was the best HUD hands down. What happened was the original author (drathal) got mad that other HUD authors were taking his code to make their own HUD mods, and not giving him credit.

Drathal threw a fit and said that he would stop all public updates of his mod. Some person took all the DHUD code, added more features to it, and renamed it MetaHUD (

Later on, another person named Caeryn took DHUD's code and started updating it for Burning Crusade, but with it kept in line more like the original DHUD. This version is still named DHUD, and can be found here:

Personally, I've used both (the new DHUD and Metahud) and I prefer Caeryn's DHUD because it's less bloated and less filled with extra features that I don't need, personally.

People who like the extra features may prefer Metahud, so try them both out.

Using the LFG tool {WoW}

Feb 8th 2007 7:30PM There are many changes that they need to make the LFG tool work. One thing they need to change is to not limit the dungeons/quests shown to the level of the character currently being played.

For example, I used to listen for groups on the global LFG channel while on my level 37 alt. The difference is that I paid attention to stuff for level 60 pugs, such as Stratholme or UBRS, while looking for Scarlet Monastery groups at the same time.

The spam was not an issue for me because I had a chat filter mod that allowed me to put in keywords. Sentences not containing these keywords would be filtered out, so if I was looking for SM, UBRS, Strat, and Onyxia, I would just specify the filter to to have these keywords "Scarlet, SM, UBRS, Strat, ony" (even if part of the word is used, such as onyxia, it would work.)

Anyways that filtered out 99.5% of the spam and gave me exactly what I needed. The LFG channel was what everyone used (short of guild only runs), thus it was easy to find groups quickly.

I really wish they'd bring back the global LFG channel. How else would I be able to join a group looking for a healer at Hakkar (ZG), if I was on my level 45?

The way it is, half the people dont even bother using the lfg system, and use general chat instead, dividing the effectiveness of the system.