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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Please don't do that. {WoW}

Jul 20th 2007 10:23PM Deffo warriors take note dont rush the instance one group after another the amount of times PUG's disband or a partial guild/PUG is because the warriors wont stop charging into stuff then Blasting us for not helping and wiping the group if they do

also just because your the tank doesnt mean you should automatically pull as this column states thowing a knife will only annoy the mobs and make them come for you its the smallest amount of aggro ever so if theres a hunter(or mage etc who can pull and then drop aggro) let them pull to you let them serve it on a silver platter for you what with Misdirection or pulling over to you and feigning while you start smacking there heads you will soon build up aggro plus as hunters(if that is they know what there doing) probably have more practice and can also offer the zone of perfect safety why not does it shame your ma and pa if you dont pull or something? the amount of times ive sat at the back in a PUG and getting flak when the warrior pulls a big bunch of mobs and soon as everyone starts dropping i feign to save on the repair bill and its our fault or the healers because we didnt kill/heal quick enough

Why raid the Crossroads? {WoW}

Jul 10th 2007 10:51AM LOL the reason Southshore gets raided is because the horde usually get fed up of some lv70 gimpy dwarf running round killing all lowbies they see it makes Hillsbrad totally unplayable at times so then people log on their mains with some guildies etc and raid southshore for revenge. Same with the lowbie areas for alliance they get raided because Crossroads is raided all day everyday

no horde arent all saints in all this theres always give and take but the reason ive raided southshore in the past was revenge nothing more(only twice mind you)

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