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HDR photo hands-on with iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1 {}

Sep 8th 2010 8:39PM Why on earth do you have an Intel sticker on your iMac?

Steam releases Mac stats, share drops to 5% {}

Aug 25th 2010 8:57PM I checked it out the first week, but there are practically no games I want to play. I'm just biding my time until Civ 5 comes out.

iPad app dev sees 50% piracy rate {}

Aug 24th 2010 9:24PM "but then everyone must re-register-- explain why & the legitimate buyers will salute you!"

I assume you mean the one-finger salute? Because I wouldn't bother registering a second time if a developer was going to treat me that way.

World rejoices as Photoshop Express for iPad is fixed {}

Aug 15th 2010 9:02PM "Have at it, and unlike the iPhone 4 antenna, you can hold your iPad anyway you want.'

Only an asshole would take another kick at a horse that dead.

Survey: iPad customer satisfaction is at 91% {}

May 21st 2010 8:54AM Asking people who bought a product if they're satisfied is a lousy stat.

Um, no. They ask owners of all kinds of products how satisfied they are, and 90% satisfaction is extremely rare. 50-70% is much more common.

Android 2.2 will invite you to visit 'Flash-enabled' sites, rub Apple's nose in it {Engadget}

May 18th 2010 10:05AM @furquanatique I propose this as an alternate headline:

"Three years after the iPhone comes out, Adobe manages to make a version of Flash that will run on a smartphone."

I hope they didn't strain anything working so hard and quickly.

MacBook Pro i7 in a 'command' performance {Engadget}

May 12th 2010 6:25AM @lexitu I know you're trying to be funny, but that's not the Option key on a Japanese keyboard, it's the key for switching to Japanese text input.

Found footage: Android tablet prototype running (and crashing) Flash {}

May 6th 2010 2:20AM All these sudden, born-again Flash fans seem to forget that when the original iPhone first came out, Apple was trying to work with Adobe to get Flash on the iPhone, and Jobs himself hinted that it was coming.

Apple tried. Adobe dragged their feet, dropped the ball. Apple moved on.

Then came Snow Leopard. Apple moved to all 64-bit applications, but hit a snag when Adobe refused to hurry up and make Flash 64-bit, which meant Safari had to keep running in 32-bit mode. Again, to work around Adobe's laziness and complete disinterest in putting Flash on anything but Windows, Apple had to re-engineer Safari to launch plugins in separate 32-bit threads.

Adobe is about 3 years late in waking up. Flash is going to be dead in 5 years, and I'm glad. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Macmillan trying to sell readers 'hardcover' ebooks {}

Mar 3rd 2010 4:12AM The author (Mr.? Ms?) Luoma is being somewhat disingenuous here on the difference between hardcover and mass-media paperbacks. The binding is the most important difference, because hardcover is an archival format that will last practically forever and always be readable, while cheap softcover binding is only meant to last a few reads before falling apart — which is why libraries put hardcovers in the permanent collection and softcovers on a temporary reading rack. Essentially, books have to have a hardcover edition, and if they're popular enough to warrant it later, a paperback edition.

It's hard to compare with the ebook format, since the nature of DRM negates the advantages of permanency and long-term storage a digital medium might otherwise have. There's no guarantee you'll be able to decrypt and read that book 10 or 50 years from now.

Windows Mobile 7 rumors coalesce around Q4 launch, MWC announcement {Engadget}

Jan 22nd 2010 6:25AM So Winbile 7 reaches the public in 2011, but they won't have anything that Japanese, Chinese, or Koreans can use? They can kiss the rest of their shrinking market share so-long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu…