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Report: UK retailers say PS3 trade-ins doubling due to PSN outage {Joystiq}

May 12th 2011 10:57AM Working at Game, i can 100% anecdotally confirm this

We'll get 3-4 ps3 to xbox trade-ins a day, and most of them are buying an xbox + black ops

Hell, our xbox bundle deals just now all include Black Ops for a reason.

A gamestation store in england actually put up a "fed up of psn being down? swap your ps3 for an xbox for as little as blah blah blah". Then a photo of that got around on twitter somewhere, and sony saw it, and send our coroporate offices a massive HOLY SHIT YOU ASSHOLES DONT DO THAT, and now we're not allowed to do that.

Electronic Arts keynote is here, 2pm PT / 5pm ET {Joystiq}

Jun 14th 2010 3:58PM Mirrors Edge 2 is all i want from E3

Infinite USB plug is a big idea for small conveniences {Engadget}

Mar 22nd 2010 5:30AM @(Unverified)


HTC Legend will be exclusive to Vodafone in UK, coming in April together with Desire {Engadget}

Mar 15th 2010 11:44AM @Tes nah doesn't look that way about the desire

check the source link. the legend says specifically "exclusive to vodafone" but the desire mentions no such exclusivity.

also the t-mobile site still lists it as "coming soon in april". so i think its a safe bet.

ps where did you hear the 26th date? mad looking forward to getting my desire. buying out the remaining 6 months on my contract, selling my current G1, and buying a desire on a new tmob contract, day one

cant wait

Massively's mystery beta key giveaway {Massively}

Feb 6th 2010 1:49PM I bet its the lego MMO

i am so excited.

Gimme gimme.

PS Fanboy Week in Review: 12/9 - 12/16 {Joystiq}

Dec 16th 2007 11:38PM "One of those (PSN) titles that you play for a week (and love!) but then let gather (virtual) dust."

Not my words folks but the words of PS3 fanboys themselves. Its fine. You can repent. Just sell your ps3 like i did and treat yourself to a nice new TV or graphics card or something.

It's a Devil May Cry 4 video blowout {Joystiq Xbox}

Dec 9th 2007 3:31PM Dante is ALSO a playable character in this game, and is the character featured in the first and third videos.

Dante has similair(ish) hair (aka its also silver), but is completely different to Nero.

Nero has a large devil arm and revolver. Dante has a 6 foot long sword and a set of dual pistols.

Please, make sure you're own facts are right before you go correcting the people who obviously know better than yourself.

Flux Capacitor replicas for sale {Engadget}

Dec 7th 2007 6:59AM That'll be "Gigawatt", Hilarious pronounciations aside.

We never thought we'd see a hot pink, duct tape case ... {Joystiq Nintendo}

Dec 2nd 2007 5:33PM Made myself a duct tape case about 2 days after i bought my release day DS.

Still with me to this day. Rugged little bastard he is :P

You feel normal {WoW}

Nov 30th 2007 7:37PM I'm 2boxing a rogue and a mage (the mage being the level 70).

Taking it casually so far but the rogue is level 30 and he hasn't touched a mob, and has 0 dagger and 0 sword skill.

I imagine i may be one of the first level 60 (or maybe 70) rogues without any weapon skills :P

I really doubt i'll run out of quests doing it this way as fact i think i've got more quests available to me than the last time i rolled an alt. I dont seem to be scraping to find the next level. I'm doing yellow+orange quests only (no reds) and the pace works out fine.

I'd reccomend it to anybody that has a mage spare and a little bit of alt+tab + /follow skills :P