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Spawn tables and you {WoW}

Dec 18th 2006 7:10AM The cave in wpl where the Nr pot recipie drops is a good example. On thott you see all sorts of comments about the elementals only spawning at the back of the cave and stuff but actually the whole cave and the 4-5 mobs outside have a spawn table of 3 different mobs, 1 of which is the elemental that drops the recipie. Funny thing is the 3 different mobs are not sociable, so as a rogue I can bow pull the elementals to a corner or up a ramp and they wont pull the slimes with them as they come to me. Eventually I run out of elementals and the slimes are quite slow to kill without aoe (evasion + S'n'D or kill mob and vanish so little ones despawn) so I logout and come back later once somone else has reset all the spawns and the thorium and respawned.

Everybody loves healing {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 10:45AM Im MH and I never go on pugs with my main.
Not because im worried of getting abuse or bad experience, I just need so much focus in raids that I want to chill while not raiding. Taking an alt on a 5/10 man is like playing in easy mode, You can take your eyes away from the screen for more then 5 seconds without worrying somone has pulled and are dead cursing you..
most priests I know are the same. Outside guild 20/40 man raids they want to relax and play alts.

Around Azeroth: None shall resist... {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 10:35AM If you are fast enough, He gives this pet to the first person to talk to him after Chromaggus is dead. Only on your guild first encoutner with him though!
You have to be fast though, Don’t worry if people are still selling Chromaggus loot just be the first one to talk to him!

The art of switching your main {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 7:33AM Our guild has a pretty strict rule of thumb that you cannot change your main.
Reason is simple.. We are a raiding guild who try to progress not farm known bosses.
We once had a MT suddenly post on our forum that his priest was now his main.
He was told "No he isnt". End of discussion. Topic locked. He never mentioned it again.

With BC it may be an oppertunity to allow people to switch mains. But you still have to look at class balance. If we have 4 hunter mains and 3 people want to make their hunter alt thier main, They wont get 25 man raid invites. Invites will go to the experienced players.
If people dont like it they can go join a carebear guild and start MC over.
I mean, Im main healer priest with the best +heal stuff in the guild, Would it be apprieciated if I suddenly announced my warlock was my main?

"Summn plz": the joy of being a warlock {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 4:45AM There is very little more annoying on my rogue then setting up a 20 stack mass mail to a mule or guildbank and some random opens trade for an iron lockbox and forces my mailbox to close.
When they do this I wont open boxes. Ill always open them for free if they ask first.
Dunno what is up with people. Id never open a trade with a mage for water (on my casters oc) without asking nicely first unless it’s a guildy in a raid, Then I think they prefer a trade opening then spammed whispers and trying to find you.

Breakfast Topic: You didn't know that? {WoW}

Dec 14th 2006 9:58AM At about level 7, I whispered a friend saying my screen was all grey and I couldn’t find any mobs to kill.
His answer.. "Does it say YOU ARE DEAD in the middle of the screen??"

Breakfast Topic: You didn't know that? {WoW}

Dec 14th 2006 9:46AM Only recently found you could replace a bag by placing it over an existing one instead of emptying and unequiping it first.
I learnt this on my 3rd onyxia backpack!

Breakfast Topic: You didn't know that? {WoW}

Dec 14th 2006 9:44AM Im in a raiding guild, and before they put the raidinfo button in the raid window I used to get loads of asks "how long till Ony reset?"…"Is ZG reset yet".
One day I said in Gchat that you guys can find out yourself with /raidinfo.
I was amazed how many had never heard of the command considering these people were raiding MC/ZG and onyxia every week for the previous 6 months.

P.S. you can mine with shift also.

I rolled my class because ... {WoW}

Dec 14th 2006 6:52AM first roll was a warrior.
At lvl 10 a friend said there were loads of warriors already on the server and I should do a priest so I started one and spec'd full shadow and loved it (now full t2 holy/disc).
Ive tried every other class cept loladin and druid, most are now bored in the 40s and are used as storage mules, Only the rogue I got to 60 for farming mats.