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Breakfast Topic: Best advice for a newbie {WoW}

Feb 5th 2007 11:22AM 1. druid or shaman first choice, hunter or lock second choice, pally or priest third choice for a first character. Rogue is too twitchy and squishy, mage is too squishy. Pally and priest are self contained but too slow dpswise (pally) or squishy (priest). Hunter and lock are easy mode after they get pets at 10 but squishy till then, may be frustrating. Druids and shamans are self contained melee/heal, give good intro to capacity of the game, can wear leather, can buff, are always welcome in pugs (PickUp Groups for the newbies).

2. I have in fact played multiple classes to 20 and I don't regret it at all. I understand the classes and I have tailor/leather/alch/ench to 225 on the level 20's.

3. First char should be herb/skin (or mine/skin I suppose). You're going to be running around a lot, you'll have lots of chances to find mats. Yey to finding carcasses others have left on the ground, you can follow their trail, always fun.

3. I like having a mercantile empire and being able to buy upgrades when I want. After 20 or so, set up a character as your ah alt, and set up a leather/alch alt and a tailor/ench alt. When you get back to mailboxes send raw mats and greens around to the appropriate toons.

4. buy greens when they are cheap to you - scan ahead a few levels. You should be all greens by 15 or so.

5. don't forget to train up first aid early on. cooking too, but use linen to get bandages going.

6. if you are alliance, goldshire has the fastest quests chains. do goldshire till you run out, then karanos, don't do the lake quests too far away, then darkshire, then go westfall. Do the quest chains till you get to 17 then learn to type lfg vc early and often. 2 vc runs will pop you to 20. If horde, there are approx 38509 quests in the barrens. has good leveling guides if you like that sort of thing. I am, I know some aren't.

7. has the answer to every quest, please go there regularly. also scan for armor and weapons that are quest rewards to know what quests you can do that are guaranteed to give an upgrade.

8. If you are going to do mercantile empire, you must have the auctioneer addon. Enough said. I know addons can feel intimidating, but they are super easy once you get it down. I refuse to use ah without auctioneer.

ps. to the person above that said feral is frowned upon, pbbt. I'm feral with nurturing strength heal buff and naturalist on the horizon, with a full set of healing gear, and I have never had complaints about my healing capacity - the opposite in fact. Druid is I think the ideal character for a main because I can always fit in a pug, which is what the casual player is going to be in 99% of the time.

Ask WoW Insider: best spec for a DPS druid? {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2007 4:01PM for pure dps you are probably maxed out at level 61 with a 0/41/11 build, with points in the obvious stuff on the way to mangle, plus ILOTP so you can crit more and stay in form, feral faire fire so you can stay in form, shredding attacks so you can get out more dps, feral charge to stop runners so you can kill faster, 5 in predatory aggression, and a point somewhere like thick hide or feral aggression so you can get mangle at 50. Then drop 11 into resto for furor (faster energy/rage access when you have to shift = more dps, naturalist (also +dam) and ooc (+ swings = more dps).

That puts you at 61 with 9 points to go. From there you would probably consider intensity for the autoenrage, or filling out thickhide for the stayability, or feral aggression if you were really min/maxing the FB, or natural shapeshifter (which I don't like but some do) and/or dropping a point into nature's grasp, which is such a great skill for 1 point its hard not to round out with it.

Personally I'm going 1/46/14 w intensity, and taking nurturing strength in feral to give some healing crossover since you inevitably need to heal at times in instances.

New LFG system {WoW}

Dec 7th 2006 4:50PM Prior poster has it right on - City of Heroes figured out lfg a long, long, long time ago. Unless its patented (who knows, maybe it is), the answer is right there.

My biggest complaint with wow compared to coh is it is very difficult to find groups, and the guilds at this point in game maturity seem to really miss the 25-40 level game, but it could just be the guilds I've been in...

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