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The Queue: Kickball {WoW}

Dec 10th 2011 2:42PM Q for the Q:

What would be a good hunter weapon to transmogrify with the Beast Lord Armor set?

The Sonic Spear would be great for a melee weapon (now that hunters still have those), but what ranged weapon would be a good fit?

The Queue: Hatconomics {WoW}

Jun 25th 2011 2:25PM So... I've been to Italy for 3 weeks - Tuscany, thanks for asking - and still no patch 4.2? What gives?

WoW Archivist: World of Warcraft beta patch 0.11 {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 9:35AM Ah, nevermind. It just wasn't referenced at the end of the article. Nothing to see here, move it along people.

WoW Archivist: World of Warcraft beta patch 0.11 {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 9:26AM Was there no beta patch 0.10?

The Queue: That other dog {WoW}

Apr 9th 2011 5:31PM Is there a WoW Insider equivalent for Starcraft II?

The Queue: Ragequitter redux {WoW}

Feb 19th 2011 2:15PM Question for The Queue:

In Wrath, when you completed Loremaster of Northrend (, you could learn the tailoring pattern for a Deathchill Cloak (

Is there some similar reward for completing Loremaster of Cataclysm?

The Queue: Soon {WoW}

Dec 6th 2010 3:05PM Question for The Queue:

Is there any way to move your Horde Expedition reputatioin to inactive? If so, please enlighten me.

Breakfast Topic: Waiting out the Catacylsm {WoW}

May 25th 2010 9:30AM Levelling a druid, trying to find out if healing is for me.

Patch 3.2 in pictures {WoW}

Aug 5th 2009 3:32AM Never mind: I've found that it's Dame Evniki Kapsalis ( who sells the new heirloom items.

Patch 3.2 in pictures {WoW}

Aug 5th 2009 3:11AM One thing I can't seem to find: *where* can we buy the new heirloom chest pieces?