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Getting water from a mage {WoW}

Jul 17th 2007 4:29PM Sorry mages but when you are in a group running an instance it IS part of your job to give the mana users water. Just like we expect warlocks to give health stones out and soulstone your rezzer. Just like some enhancement shaman is expected to pick up heals if things get dicey.
It's part of what you bring to a party, but no one expects you to group with rude people. That applies whether they are being rude about water, healing, pulls, loot anything.

Pandemic wins again at WSVG Louisville {WoW}

Jun 25th 2007 5:43PM #4 it was a 3v3 competition, they just had 5 players who could sub when needed. Their shaman also played a rogue, and played a rogue during their last few setups.

Were a couple of the setups they used. Gratz to all, tons of great games to watch.

New beta notes (and Shaman spell) {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 4:12PM @1 all scaling trinkets/set bonuses were nerfed this patch.
I don't recall the exact changes but here are some off the top of my head.
Lifegiving Gem(Warrior): Static +health and healing of 1500 instead of 15% hp
Naturally Aligned Crystal(Shaman): +250 dmg/heal costs 20% more mana for spells instead of +20% dmg/heal
Druid crap trinket: set amount of mana reduction on shifting instead of free
Rogue ZG madness trinket: 40 energy instead of 60
Warrior ZG madness trinket: reduced rage given, don't remember value
Black Book(warlock): been mentioned above
3 Piece Trancendance Set Bonus(priest): static m/5 instead of 15% spirit regen while casting(20m/5s I think)
3 Piece Stormrage Set Bonus(druid): Same as above

Feel free to add

+Damage and healing: what do you mean "up to"? {WoW}

Dec 8th 2006 12:43PM Wow these comments are full of so much disinformation.

Instants are 43%.
Spells with a snare attached recieve 5% less +dmg(frostbolt is 81% not 86%)

+dmg coefficients are applied BEFORE talents so a shaman lightning bolt is 3 seconds base and recieves 86% of spell dmg. Talented it's 2 seconds, it still recieves 86%.

And for Terry, sorry your arguement is pointless. How unfair that a lvl 25 gets full benefit but you don't? Ya I think that was exactly what they are getting at.
Downranking is great for healing, needed for long fights etc. But what blizzard was attempting to do was to make high ranks actually be used outside of pvp. Got your new rank of GH from aq20? That's wonderful you'll never use it. Luckily in the expansion when you are dealing with 13k+hp raid buffed tanks it won't be much of an issue to heal for 4k+.

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