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Five dislikes plus five likes equals iTunes 10 {}

Sep 2nd 2010 5:27PM Like #2 has been there for a long time. I actually didn't know that had changed since I've had the album art on the side view enabled since they put it in...maybe itunes 9? I've always had my sorting to be album by artist or album by artist & year, and the art-on-the-side view has been there. maybe people just didn't find it due to different sorting preferences or not clicking the view icons?

iPad support for hardware Dvorak keyboards in latest SDK beta {}

Mar 19th 2010 3:34PM I switched to Dvorak in 2001. I forgot Qwerty pretty quickly. iPad not having it on the soft keys is a deal-killer.

Get your Photoshop version control for free -- Timeline giveaway! {Download Squad}

Feb 24th 2010 3:27PM My wife's a 9-5 graphic designer, and then comes home and freelances for fancy vacations money. I'm sure this'd be useful...

Google force-feed Buzz, and then brag about its MASSIVE success {Download Squad}

Feb 12th 2010 1:47PM You've been voted down, but I came to post basically the exact same thing. The POTUS is way too overpowered these days, and far too pompous...but by no means a sovereign.

(Talking about the Presidency in general, not just the current incumbent)

Opera 10 Beta for Windows Mobile released {Download Squad}

Nov 19th 2009 11:51AM On a related note, Opera Mobile finally came to S60 devices!

Folder synchronization tool SyncToy hits version 2.1 {Download Squad}

Nov 17th 2009 4:04PM is awesome if you can tackle the learning curve.

Google's SPDY protocol will speed up the web - and Chrome OS, too {Download Squad}

Nov 13th 2009 1:37PM "Go!" is the language that Google didn't invent. go is the language they did invent.

Google's SPDY protocol will speed up the web - and Chrome OS, too {Download Squad}

Nov 13th 2009 1:36PM's obvious that you haven't read the documents on the SPDY site.

ICANN set to approve web addresses using non-Latin characters {Download Squad}

Oct 27th 2009 2:50PM I don't understand...isn't this what PunyCode is for? And isn't it already being used?, for example...

VMware Fusion 3 supercharged for Snow Leopard {}

Oct 7th 2009 9:08AM Great, thanks - was hoping somebody'd post a link like that. I THINK I bought it on the 1st, if I bought it on the 30th I'll have to go nuts on somebody.