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Trek through fire and flame in RIFT's Infernal Dawn raid {Massively}

Mar 8th 2012 9:39PM @ChongShin There are new rifts in every single patch so far. There are world events added, which add new zone events/invasions, as well as Rifts in the game world. 1.7 added the current world event, which, during the early phases, has really cool Theater raid rifts in Shimmersand, and the silly "carnival" event. In the later phases it'll have Fire/Earth rifts/invasions. 1.6 added new T2 raid rifts, and tons of new, complex zone events (which come with regular rifts) in Ember Isle.

RIFT in China: 'Biggest game deal ever' for a Western MMO {Massively}

Feb 9th 2012 7:04PM @hami83 Well, Rift isn't really a strict Fantasy setting. There are a ton of sci-fi elements to it. Hell, the Defiant Ascended travel using a time machine at like level 7.

Trion releases RIFT Endless Adventure trailer {Massively}

Oct 19th 2011 6:17PM @Shadowstorm If they put all the "good stuff" in the first few levels, then after people pass those levels they're just like, "well the beginning was good but the rest was meh". Instead, Rift kind of ramps things up. At level 15 you can do your first dungeon, both options of which are amazing. Also, you get your first taste of warfronts at level 10, which now includes Library of the Runemasters, which is easily the best warfront. Plus, there are zone invasions once you get past the beginning part of freemarch and you can freely roam around without (much) fear of getting killed. Not to mention the epic questlines.

Questing really isn't necessary in Rift. Just do the invasions, the main "story" quests, the dungeons, warfronts, and maybe a few random quests to boost your experience here or there. I leveled to 50 at launch by basically just doing invasions.

Trion releases RIFT Endless Adventure trailer {Massively}

Oct 18th 2011 7:46PM @Stormwaltz You played for 170 hours and only got a character up to level 40?

SWTOR opens the Operations holonet page {Massively}

Oct 14th 2011 6:46PM This looks kind of meh... >_

Trion CEO: RIFT has the 'most dynamic gameplay ever' and is a 'serious competitor' for WoW {Massively}

Oct 7th 2011 7:32PM @Yarr I don't know what you mean by "more features/content". Like I said, 5 patches in 6 months. Two 20-man raids (HK *just* got cleared by Voodoo, after 2 months), two 10-man raids, 2 world events (third one probably next week), new 2-man and 1-man dungeons, a new warfront (and another new warfront mode), the water saga questline, veteran rewards, etc. Every patch also brought some silly menial quests to get currency to get some sort of treat, also.

A lot of people say rift is recycling the same content, but this mostly isn't true (master mode and the two raid chronicles are recycled, however, just to keep people busy). 1.4 brought a new epic water questline, in addition to the "world event" silly quests (which was NOT a proper world event, it was just silly patch quests). The quests for the 1.3 hammerknell world event were much more fleshed out, and they brought out new rifts as well. Same for the 1.1 RoS event. The 1.5 world event is coming out soon, which, at its conclusion, will bring a new zone and 10-man (and 1.6).

So basically you're crazy if you think they don't concentrate on content.

Trion CEO: RIFT has the 'most dynamic gameplay ever' and is a 'serious competitor' for WoW {Massively}

Oct 7th 2011 2:42PM @uberman3000 Keep in mind that once TOR and GW2 come out, Rift will be months and months of content and bugfixes ahead. And at Trion's pace, that's a silly amount of content. I don't think TOR will be able to keep up. Once you're done playing the "single player campaign" as I call it, there's not much else. The endgame is meh. GW2 looks to be interesting, but again, I'm not a very PVP focused person and I feel the content will become stale if ArenaNet can't keep up with updates (and it's not sub-driven, so we'll probably have to buy the updates.

Rift is 15 bucks a month at most. Every month-ish, Trion comes out with a new patch with brand new content. They're 6 months into the game with 5 patches. That's pretty intense.

Trion CEO: RIFT has the 'most dynamic gameplay ever' and is a 'serious competitor' for WoW {Massively}

Oct 7th 2011 2:03PM @Yarr That 1 million registered accounts number was announced the month the game was released. They've said that the game has been growing since then, but haven't released any more numbers.

Enter at Your Own Rift: Talking 1.3 with Hal Hanlin {Massively}

Jun 22nd 2011 9:37PM @Pyromelter I dunno, I haven't seen populations decline on my server (Sunrest) at all. And with transfers, there are more people than ever on my server today, many of which are from other servers.

RIFT launches patch 1.3, but don't bank on it {Massively}

Jun 22nd 2011 8:58PM @Weiji There's a LFD tool, and the guild bank will be in shortly. Probably just a matter of a hotfix to turn it on. The API won't be out for a while though, they're gonna reactivate it on the PTS soon and then, when it's mature, release it on the actual shards.