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Swag Saturday: Naughty Bears [update] {Joystiq}

Jul 17th 2010 3:53PM Lindsay the Jail Bird. they can be like the complete opposite of Banjo and Kazooie

Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 bundle nabs November 10th release date {Engadget}

Oct 18th 2009 5:03AM seriously engadget you guys failed at this article darren guy come on this has been known for a while, microsoft announced this a while back and the LE xbox has been on amazon for a while even on gamestop way before this whole 250gig ps3 fiasco. and the release date for MW2 has been out for a bit now too. its only obvious this would release along side the game too. guys please get your stuff together thanks.

Oh and @mattergenocide $400 is not that bad considering what it comes with

LE MW2 xbox comes with
designed console
250 gig HDD
2 black wireless controls
a copy of MW2
plus everything else an xbox comes with I.E. power cables etc.
all for $399

Slim PS3 comes with

standard slim ps3
250gig hdd
1 DS3 control
no game
and again everything else it comes with
all for $349

for just $50 more you get an extra control $50 , copy of MW2 $60
and a LE Console so i dont think $400 is that insane oh and you had
an error on your price the ps3 is 349 for the 250gig
300 is for the 120

Best Buy offering buy-one-get-one-half-off for 360 games {Joystiq}

Aug 30th 2009 7:15PM hmm looks like either some of these orders may get cancelled, or you'll be waiting a pretty long time for your orders i noticed games like Splinter Cell Conviction and even Final Fantasy XIII are even on the list alot of games that were pushed back or tha dont come out til next year are on the list. I Wish i knew what gamestop had planned as far as preorders go so i could decide where i want to order some of those other games to bad my Prestige Edition and ODST are already paid for.

Apple's new MacBook family: non-removable batteries, lower prices {Engadget}

Jun 9th 2009 12:00AM ok im no fanboy, and i actually just recently purchased a Mac via ebay (on its way now yay) but i do have to say this "shut up everybody" macs arent for everyone and pc's arent for everyone stop the fighting sheesh. but one think that i have noticed and keep in mind we own like 5 different pc's this whole house hold is a pc household thats 3 personal of mine and then 2 more that my family members have. but what i have noticed is Mac's retain their value, the value doesnt really drop much even after 2 years or so the oldest macbooks that i can find on ebay, craigslist, etc still none under 600 or so, compared to PC's their value drops really bad even after a year or so. i have a 2yr old dell that i cant get rid of for sale same for my netbook, and umpc the value is so low, and macs i can run both OS's (not pc's fault) pcs not so green, plus this whole battery thing to replace the batt on my dell which is already dead it'll cost me about 149 from dell. 100 to replace it after 5 yrs aint bad. i just think the hardcore pc users (haters) are just envy, i know i have been but no longer lol. keep in mind i have never owned a mac til now always have owned a pc so i cannot be called a apple fanboy. though i have used macs before (school,friends, etc)

PSP Go and buy all-new accessories {Joystiq}

Jun 6th 2009 6:21AM ok there are soo many things wrong with this i dont know where to begin. "I" like everyone else was planning on getting one of these till i seen alot of things that just pushed me away. first for the people who keep saying "whats the big deal about the price" and saying that the current psp is only 199 well you people are completely wrong Its 169.99 for the core system your thinking about the 199 for a a bundle that comes with some crap game probably like hannah montana but i agree those bundles are better because at least they come with some thing chances are the PSPgo will come with nothing maybe if were lucky a usb cable which i doubt.

second i would rather have a psp 1k, 2k, or 3k becaue they can be hacked and i can play all my old ps1 games on there I had Grand turismo 1&2 long before Grand turismo psp sees store shelves along with finaly fantasy 7,8,9 etc.

3rd for the person who said that the whats the big deal with the price saying that the DSI and the ipod touch are overpriced really a DSi? its just about 40 more than the DS lite. compared to the PSPgo which is about 80 more than a psp 3k and even a 8gig ipod touch is still cheaper than a PSPgo.

I think i'll just stick to a PSP 3k and save me some money it can do everything the PSPgo does with the exception of Bluetooth. give me a second stick sony and maybe i'll think about paying 249.

Joystiq E3 Meetup: Virtual swag! {Joystiq}

Jun 4th 2009 10:46PM ROFL you cant use the code til july 1st

James Cameron drops Avatar game details, everything ever about the movie {Joystiq}

Jun 2nd 2009 4:28AM Am I the only one who fell asleep during his speech? Joystiq come on tell the truth hahahaha. I woke up and i was like OMG this guy is still talking, but it is cool to see he cares about his game i would love to see some friggin trailer or gameplay or something instead of just telling me about it.

Halo 3: ODST's limited edition 360 controller {Engadget}

Jun 1st 2009 10:43PM what everyone keeps forgetting is that along with the campaign mode they planned they also added the new "Firefight" mode similar to the horde mode in GOW2, plus the control and what people forgot, every single multiplayer DLC that has recently came out and most of the DLC's alone were what about 10 bucks each so if you think about it is a pretty good deal and you get a kick ass control, i for one have been looking for a control this color to go along with the LE halo3 xbox i bought and have searched ebay and most of them on there are going for about 60 and up so to me this is pretty good and i never bought any of the DLC maps so i get those too.

Metal Gear Solid Rising coming to Xbox 360 [update] {Joystiq}

Jun 1st 2009 3:38PM He said MGS4 was the final Snake game not that he was done all together with MGS. but either or im still happy to see this franchise continue and i for one never really liked raidan when i first saw him in MGS2, but after MGS 4 he looked pretty awesome and wanted to control him then so im looking forward to this game

Metal Gear Solid Rising coming to Xbox 360 [update] {Joystiq}

Jun 1st 2009 3:26PM OMG SONY FANBOYS CALM DOWN, seriously sony never owned MGS or kojima, i knew this would happen kojima announces something for the xbox and all of a sudden kojima is evil. and before you all jump and start calling me a xbox fanboy step back i own both consoles and love them both. I for one am happy for this and cant wait to see more. Kudos to you microsoft and Kojima/ Konami way much better E3 than last year