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Interview with Xzin: the man with ten arms {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 12:32PM that is classic - I love it. If I were to be pwned by someone, it would be him. Getting a pickup group of 5-6 people to try and take him down would be fun too. My hat off to a creative idea that was well implemented.


Criterion seeks 'verisimilitude' in Burnout 5 {Joystiq}

Dec 14th 2006 3:51PM Hey #7,

Can I hire you to be my marketing rep? You obviously know what you are talking about as you can see the future on how these sales numbers aren't going to change. I bow before your oracle like abilities.

So before you throw up some numbers like Peter Moore, please sit down and think of your response before chiming in. My bandwidth is precious and I really don't want to waste it on downloading your 0.1k of useless info.

You may also want to look up the established user base. There is such a thing as customer loyalty and people who have had a positive experience with a product are likely to be repeat buyers for following products. Of course, with your vast marketing knowledge, you would have known this already. That being said, maybe you should look at the fact that the PS2 has sold 111 million units and the xbox sold 24 million. The balance is shifting but I suspect that the MS and Sony are going to be pretty equally balanced in the end. I also suspect that the Wii will grab a larger chunk this time around and people will find themselves with multiple consoles. Oh I'm sorry was that too much of a balanced comment for this forum? My apologies.

Bottom line: #7, You need to do some more research before you post again because if you don't, you'll just look foolish again.

PS3 overtakes total Xbox 360 sales in Japan ... already {Joystiq}

Dec 13th 2006 4:03PM Wow, the level of idiocy on these posts has astounded me today - normally I don't respond to these but level of crap is so high that I feel I have to type something.

First off, I feel like I'm reading news releases from the Minister of Information in Iraq. US doesn't sell cars in Japan, no good games for the PS3, FPS aren't that important on the Xbox. Face the facts, there are over 100 million PS1 and PS2s combined out there. M$ (this is for the idiot who complained about how people write abbreviations) screwed up their market research and are not catering to their audience.

Seriously, Japan exported a lot of their RPGs over here in North America years ago and we laughed at them because they were funny looking and poorly translated. Do you not think that some of the crap that we export over there is perceived the same? Now, if that was done constantly, what do you think their impression would be? Can you understand for a second where they might get their opinions from? Also, for someone who likes to have a tidy setup or who lives in cramped living conditions, the thought of having the Xbox 360, a HUGE brick power supply, a Hard drive ADD-ON, a HD-DVD addon is nothing short of repulsive. I mean, all those wires and connecting pieces will make the thing look like something out of a Mary Shelley novel. That's one of my guesses as to why the Japanese aren't keen to go with the lego console known as the Xbox 360.

To be honest, I had an Xbox and I enjoyed it up until recently. What I didn't enjoy is the lack of quality games that have come out for it since the release of the 360 and that has really turned me off of buying the new one. I mean there has been NOTHING innovative that has come out for Xbox. Is this what I can expect from the next Xbox? 50% backwards compatibility and no new games for it?

The PS2 has had several great games come out for it since the 360 has been around (Guitar Hero for one) and there is continued support for it (new Burnout for the PSP and PS2). I'll also go on record and say that I bought a PS3 and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. 40 person FPS multiplayer with creative weapons is fun. Ridge Racer 7 is polished, Fight Night 3 is fight night 3.. Gorgeous and a ton of laughs. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is just as good as on the other consoles as well.

For those that think the PS3 has "No Games", I don't remember you saying similar posts last fall when the Xbox 360 had "No Games". Why were you so quiet then? Are you the type of person who only feels like a big man when you are standing on top of the pile? Afraid of a challenge? You remind me of a dog who is backed into the corner by the grizzly. All yappy and tough but in reality, fearing for your life.

And finally, I read all these Anti-Japanese remarks and I feel embarrassed to be North American. Where is your dignity? Where is your tolerance? Where is your self-reflection? I mean can you not admit that different consoles will meet different needs for everyone out there? Why are you so angry and feel the need to swear all the time and make extreme statements? Have you been watching all the GooTube teenage self mutilation videos and feel like you don't have a purpose in life? I mean really - go out there, play your console and enjoy it. That's what it's for.

Oh and by the way, for the guy that doesn't think Microsoft should be spelled M$, maybe you should work in IT for a bit and see how the payment plan goes for upgrading your Windows OS and Office tools. They have Office 2007 out now and if you use even 30% of all the features in Office 2003, I will bow to you. They have/had a business model that guarantees revenue and it used to be on an 18 month cycle (hence the quick release schedule). It had to change because of the backlash they experienced with the previous version of Office. Forcing upgrades on people and penalizing them for not upgrading right away is not a way to do business. Overcharging them for 'micropayments' is another no-no. So regardless if you think that M$ is childish, it's well deserved.

I make my living off of MS and they have done a lot of good, they have also done a lot of bad. It's all bad to that "I can't admit anything and I'm mad at the world" attitude that permeates these "news" sites. To be honest, if this is the attitude of the generation that is coming up behind me, I think we are indeed headed towards a recession.