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Arrested Army game protester writes up her experience {Joystiq}

May 9th 2009 3:05PM first of all, i live 5 min from there. second of all - it is all good. one of the staff lives in my apartment complex a few buildings over

1. you register. no spam upon request. otherwise only email from military. alot of local servicemen go... its nice inside and way low key.

2. you play WOW, HALO, Madden, ETC. you can also watch HUGE TV, or just chill with free wi-fi.

3. NO ONE speaks to you about recruiting UNLESS you ask first. It is partly funded by RnR funds which wanted a place for local servicemen to go. There was a air National Guard recruiting center there before. it sucked.

4. It was a low key free place with TWO recruiters there. You can also buy some army PT gear and such.

5. I have been there three times, with people and no one was asked to join. I saw someone who came in, and he wanted to talk. he was given an appointment to take his ASVAB there.

it is not nearly as psyop as everyone makes it sound. it is also right by the inside skate park down by Dave n Busters, not a high traffic area at all, unless you're headed to Sam Ash.

Branching Dialogue: R.I.P. Death {Joystiq}

Dec 24th 2008 12:24PM You say you wouldn't tell your friends how you died in a game story? We all pretty much BRAG about how we take the dirtnap! It builds interest and bonding with the character(s) to see them pay for your action. The bond a good game tries to build between the player and the character is scripted between Elika and "Prince".

BTW- "you can't die" is a valid argument. We are not just talking fall in the pit death, or a "everyone was counting on you and you blew it". We are talking the sense of consequence that this game lacks. Sometimes, it even impacts performance.

If you fall in mario, and you had fireballs. You don't come back with fireballs. or a cape :(

If you saved at the beginning of the dungeon in an good RPG, all the stuff you find inside it is on the table if you die before a save point.

If you die in story mode Halo 3 holding a needler, you come back with no such weapon.

In a good video game death, there is some sense of loss. Not just do-over. In great ones there is a sense of loss, panic, or even anger. Look at Persona 4. GREAT death scene! but some are far more simple.

As for "when you die the game isn't doomed, you just basically get a do-over." The WORLD is ok with that. It is the same as any game. if you and your friends play monopoly, and box it up, you don't continue to collect on your rent. That is a persistance mmo's attempt - but not something gamers expect. in fact, Run Lola Run is a great movie that approximates the gamer's progress. try something else a little different to overcome the challenge.

Prince of Persia producer says game's risks have gone unappreciated {Joystiq}

Dec 23rd 2008 4:32PM whar risks? you can't lose, and you have to return to the script to see anything in the story change.

this should have been the same prince, not this twit, and a world of temporal disarray where the prince has to do certain things 9like a list he finds parts of as he journeys (some optional and hidden), and the order defines the story. friends in one timeline could be enemies in another...

instead he made a "how great is the magic NPC who saves your tail!!!" *interactive art project*

This thing claing to be "PoP" is not a game - it's a movie you have to keep playing with the remote to watch.

GC 2008: New Killzone 2 footage shows game is 'pre-beta' {Joystiq}

Aug 21st 2008 10:35AM yawn.

All I see is another high-resolution scene of unrealistic combat with all the body awareness of a bouncing pod with a barrel on it.. and some annoying guy barking at you occasionally. I am sure it looks great if you know or expect nothing about authentic combat.

Mirror's Edge and Far Cry 2 look far more interesting.

A vision of pets with armor {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2008 4:36PM Look at mah epix lewtz!!!

Moonkin form: The reward for bear a$$ watchers everywhere.

Verne Troyer is a Gnome Mage; no one is surprised {WoW}

Dec 18th 2007 12:41PM Hello, my name is Eric Cartman, and i am a Dwarven Warrior!

A lack of left-handed WoW {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 12:03PM As a southpaw in RL, and a Warlock on the Left Hand Path of Magic in Azeroth (for the, erm, Greater Good,.. yeah that's it!) - I would LURVE to be southpaw in game.

That being said, being Left-handed, WoW keyboard controls (with a few binds) are natural, intuitive, and comfortable. I don't even use a mouse! Thankies, Blizz!

Sinisteria FTW!

Preview of the WoW comic #2 {WoW}

Dec 7th 2007 2:44PM lol Croc-Bait OP.

need nerf for comic balance or will wipe all in AB. Resto Druid and Prot Pally don't get free Orc Shaman pet!

WoW Moviewatch: The Guild, Episode 5 {WoW}

Dec 6th 2007 2:34PM /i Tink


(yah, a semicolon girl, you know how I do.)

World of Carebearcraft {WoW}

Oct 31st 2007 2:25AM @26.

I was not begrudging the spirit of PvP. I was just unimpressed with playing the PVP servers, because you have bionic babysitters forcing everything to be fair... WAR is not fair. What if Orcs actually took Loc Modan for a whole week, and Dwarves had to man-up to get back their outpost? How will the Dwarves strike back? That is TRUE war.

What if instead of a Christmas knock-off to ride raindeer, we got news the Trolls discovered a new kind of magick, and the Alliance had to actually recon and find out more about it, and try to get it to level the field. Something powerful but not all powerful, like 2 trolls in rapport (2 60 level fire Mages) could form a wall of fire up to 20 yards long with casting times, etc.), between their two positions that would let Horde running through heal, and would hurt the Allys running through, and killed all fire spells fired through it or that are in AoE by Alliance. How would the Alliance fair without Fire Mages rocking the free world for a little while? How would they have to adapt? What if the tradeoff was those passing through the wall were actually stealthed for as long as they took damage? War has Intrigue; WarCraft RTS had intrigue; where is it here in WoW?

As for PVP, my personal best experiences was a PvE. I had a lvl 20 Orc come for my 11 level Gnome Warlock after I accidentally clicked on him and went PvP. It was awkward, but cool. He was coming into Loc Modan when I left, and I passed him in the tunnel. I made my pet stay, and kept running. he predictiably came behind me, using ranged weapons, and I gave him my pet from behind that was hiding who went agressive just in time to make him turn around. Then I blasted at him, ran by him to get dragonkin attention and dragged them over to my pet, who I was feeding health... my pet tormented them, drawing them into his area. I lost my voidwalker and never looked back as I ran out of the tunnel to hearth. ;)

Between items and a blazing wand, and a decent pet behind him, I had him on the ropes long enough to beat him. EXCEPT he has more levels than me and thus can have better gear. If he is lvl 20, he automatically can beat me just because he has collected more pig testicles in quests that have no purpose but to push you along to the next attraction in the theme park?

That is an insult to the notion of heroism in war. Google Mitchell Paige, the recruit who held a hill against two Japanese squads that ensured our victory. One fresh Marine against 2 units of seasoned Japanese troops. They were simply outmanned.

As for level 70, I am in no rush, except for some reason it affects my profession growth. Lord knows why I need to be a Arch-Warlock to master Fishing.