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Mage's evocation: working as intended? {WoW}

Jul 6th 2007 4:27AM I think it's kind of important for us mages to realise that we're in fact the ones to blame for the lesser evocation.
Mage forums have been going "wtf more spirit? i don't want spirit!" on the forums for over a year. We didn't want spirit on our tier sets (waste of item budget!!!). We wanted damage, crit, int, stam. And that's what we got. Exactly what we asked for.

Noone ever realised the spirit was actually needed because we got what it needed to do (useful evocation) because blizz forced the spirit gear on us - you were gonna have spirit whether you wanted to or not.
Now we don't get the spirit automatically most people will just dismiss spirit stats when looking if something's an upgrade or not. The numbers must go, up, all numbers must go up... except spirit. Spirit is for noobs. So well.. deal with the consequences.

All this being said, is it worth sacrificing other stats for spirit? First of all look at your spell rotation, and make sure to watch for those clearcasts when you get them to make the best of it. Second look at how long a fight is gonna last, start using the smallest mana regen gem you can use in that fight first - and use it as soon as you used the amount of mana it's gonna restore. Same goes with mana pots - use them as soon as you used the amount of mana they restore, don't wait until you're almost-but-not-quite-yet oom. The same goes for evocation of course, and make sure you do it at a point where there's no chance it'll get interrupted by some aoe effect (yes, i've seen people do it) (*cough* maybe i did it too, but it was just once, i promise ^^).
If all this fails, and you're not a lucky bastard that can get a shadow priest or a shammy with a mana regen totem in their group, then you might wanna see how long the fight goes on when you're oom and how much damage you could have done in that time with a bit less damage, a bit more spirit gear.
And no, I didn't forget, I just put it at the end because, of course, it scales with spirit: mage armor instead of molten armor can make the difference .

Tales from the Customer Service Forum: Can't sleep, Blizzard is after my goldz {WoW}

Jul 4th 2007 3:39AM There's a lot of reasons why people come up with these kinds of conspiracy theories, and most of them have to do with a failure to understand statistics :p

First and foremost it's a problem of when something is a representative sample. Eg, you kill 50 mobs and the drop chance is 10% that does not mean it will drop exactly 5 items. Databases like allakhazam that are based on thousands and thousands of drops are likely to be more representative.
Second of all you have the grouping illusion, the fact that people tend to think events happen in groups, while in fact they don't (Gilovich, 1991, in case you care to look it up :p). This happens because people tend to forget that groups of events will happen relatively frequently if you play long enough.
Third, once you have created your own little conspiracy theory you tend to pay more attention to the facts that happen to match with your theory (see! i knew it!) and remember those better than other facts that sadly don't match the theory (grumble - i guess it doesn't work *every* time).
There's a lot of other reasons for these kinds of statistical mistakes but i'm not trying to write a dissertation here :p.

And no computer can generate a truely random number, but it's more likely that the seed (usually a number - the thing you use to create the random algoritm) is based on the exact millisecond something drops or something like than that's it based on the name of your group leader, the name of your kitten, or, like some gm put it "the weather in Shanghai".
I mean this is Blizzard, iirc there were some issues in Diablo II where the drops were based on some combination of the exact location of the kill which led to hordes of cows being killed in the exact same spot - you would expect them not to make the same mistake twice :p.

Tales from the Customer Service Forum: Can't sleep, Blizzard is after my goldz {WoW}

Jul 4th 2007 3:23AM @18
Yea of course they keep track of it. Would you like some random to be able to send a mail to blizz to ask to do whatever with your account though?
I was thinking not.
They're just making sure they are, in fact, talking to you. A GM ticket should work, but GM tickets usually take a while to process so just be patient...
And yeah, change your password, because if someone hacked your account, that means they still have your password so if they restore it without you changing it, people just get a second chance at de'ing your stuff or whatever they're doing with it.

I have to change-- I'm logging out {WoW}

Jun 28th 2007 3:24PM I tend to run around in clothes i happen to like the look of whenever I'm in a city - and usually that's where I am when I log out.
And yeah i can kinda get people changing clothes for that f*cking armory. I'm a big privacy freak and imo it's noone else's business what gear I do or do not have. I really really want an option to hide it from say, everyone but guildies. I know it's not likely people will "spy" on me but... It's like I wouldn't want a camera from the government in my room to check for illegal activities (no, I'm not quite that paranoid, but work with me here ^^) even though I'd know it's very unlikely anyone would ever think i'm doing whatever criminal thing and would therefore wanna watch it. It's kind of the principle of it.

Breakfast Topic: Rogue Day! {WoW}

Jun 28th 2007 9:53AM I love a rogue that's willing to forgo a bit of dps and use a slowing poison on mobs so clothies get a chance to run for it instead of getting oneshot by a mob in heroics.
I love well timed spell interrupts that avoid that annoying heal or deadly AoE.
I love all rogues that didn't give up even with the very annoying aoe effects that all bosses in tbc seem to have in common.
I love not having to wonder what's in that locked chest over there (I bet it's a boe epic!).
Oh and @10: the armory allows us to weed out and kick wankers like you now. If you're in a party, the idea is to contribute, not to be stealing from your own party members.

WoW Future-Vision: Express train to the level cap {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2007 2:09AM First of all I'm not a fan of the /level command. I'm really not. I have a zillion of alts and I like discovering new abilities on the way.
That being said, there's only so much you can learn on your own. If you solo level a warrior, you'll learn to.. well, play solo with a warrior (be it fury or arms). Then when you hit 60 and start doing outlands instances (or 70 if you're on the leveling train anyway) you'll realise you don't have the first clue about how to tank. You still have to learn, because you can only learn in a group.
And for those of you going "well you can run deadmines/sm/zul'farrak/whatever", well, on my server you can forget about that. Finding a group for deadmines will take you a week (or longer), because every level 20 char hopping around will have one (or more likely two or three) level 70 chars, and doing deadmines for most people equals /w guildie "hey you have 20 mins to spare?".
This is especially important for tanks and primary healer, who will be doing totally different things in instances compared to when they're soloing; but in a lesser extent it goes for all classes (yes I'm looking at you multi-shotting hunters). Of course, when this is your zillionth char you've leveled, you will kind of know what to do; but knowing what to do and actually doing it can be very different things.

Ask WoW Insider: BC loot etiquette {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2007 1:51AM "Faction Item Question: Characters in the group have first priority over alts, so you don't roll on the item if you're already exalted. If you want to get exalted with another character, play that character and roll with a clear conscience."

I actually have a perfectly clear conscience rolling greed on tomes/armaments (on my server rolling need on them will most likely get you into a flame war). I didn't "happen" to wake up one day and be exalted with scryers, no, i spent hours and hours grinding stupid blood elves to get there. Right now I use my main for about an hour every day in order to grind rep items for my alt. I don't see why I should be getting punished because you were too lazy or couldn't be bothered to rep farm.
That being said, if it's a guildie or friend that's close to the next rep level I'll pass (in guild run) or give it to them (in a pug).
Also with us the rule is greed on both tomes and armaments, because on our server, they're NOT equal in worth. Aldor things sell for about twice the price as scryer ones, and you can easily trade one armament for two tomes, for example.
I never really got the "all greed" rule btw. Wouldn't it be easier to "all need" and rule out potential ninja's?
And as a final remark, i'm surprised noone mentioned the "round robin" rule. In guild/friends runs (or in some pugs if you agree before start) it's pretty common for us to go round robin. As in, first one that drops, everyone greeds. Next one, if you already got one, you pass. This goes on until everyone has one and then you can start rolling again.

Alchemy: How to specialize? [Answered!] {WoW}

May 30th 2007 9:42AM It kind of depends what you're planning to do with your character.
First of all, transmutation mastery requires the 4 primal mights, which on my server amounts to roughly 380g. Secondly when considering transmutation, ask yourself: do you actually NEED primal mights, and are you enclined to farm the mats yourself? Yes, primal might proc is *very* nice, but.. you get a proc like 1/5 maximum I think, and at least on my server the primal mights sell for less than their seperate components, so every time you DON'T proc, you're actually loosing money. Except for primal might, what are the other transmutes out there making money for you? On my server, the difference between primal earth-primal water is about 15g (that's the recipe from the funguses rep) so that's a nice transmute to do, with a guaranteed 15g, and if you get lucky a bonus.
If you're into the heavy raiding, then elixirs can definitely be useful. It all depends how many elixirs you're actually gonna need i guess. Basically, say you're making primal waters and they sell at 20g. As far as I know the "sometimes" for elixirs, potions, transmutation is exactly the same amount of sometime. So then the question is, will you use (or sell) 20g worth of elixirs in between the two times you will log to do your transmutes? (not everyone logs in once a day at the exact same hour :p). Furthermore, keep in mind, if you have a friend with elixirs that has all the elixir recipes your little heart desires, it costs him nothing to do your elixirs too, since elixirs are NOT on a cooldown.
I guess about the same applies for potions.

Spellthread bug, not that I'd have noticed... {WoW}

May 26th 2007 12:07PM I twink my alts for pve (don't really care about wow pvp).
I don't look at this as a cost in gold, but as a cost in time. The question I ask myself when i get a piece of equipment for an alt is "how much difference is this gonna make in how fast i can level with this char?", compared to the time it costs me to get the gold (or mats, or whatever) to get the upgrade.
For instance, if I spend one hour farming primal mana I'm pretty sure I'll have enough to make a mystic spellthread (with some to spare).
So, at the cost of one hour on my main, i now have 25 spell damage and 15 stam. Is that worth it? Hell yes. 25 spell damage at low levels is a LOT. It will help you get levels faster, more importantly, it will reduce the time spent in zones/level ranges you don't like. (Yes, I rather spend an hour killing the cutesy blue blobs for primal mana, than spend five minutes more in duskwood than is necessary).
So yes, I twink. Happy to do so.
The thing a lot of people (usually the ones that picked one char and stuck with it :p) don't really take into consideration is that leveling the alts also takes time. And while it might be nice to have a level 70 priest because your guild really needs a healer, you might not want to spend hours and hours in say, duskwood. Or desolace. The twinking reduces that time. I rest my case :D

The red-headed step-children of crafting {WoW}

May 20th 2007 7:51PM "While my transmuting friends got a simple collection quest, I got three trips to the Black Morass to collect essences off Rift Lords."

The simple collection quest for transmutation mastery happens to be "bring me 4 PRIMAL MIGHT".
Simple, yes. Cheap? Hell no.
Personally if i'd get a choice between doing bm a couple of times (elixir) or botanica once (potions) or plunking down about 400g worth of mats, I know I would NOT be picking the "bring primal mights" quest.