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Recent Comments: grows 91% as shrinks 8% {Joystiq}

Mar 14th 2007 4:19PM A Nintendo Fanboy said:
"By the time the PS3 actually comes close breaking even, we'll have Wii 2. Heck, maybe even Wii 3."

That'll be what, about another 6 months? Given the rate Nintendo has released 'the old is new again' revamped GBA systems and followed the Phat with the Lite, anyway.

Nuns get hooked on game therapy {Joystiq}

Mar 6th 2007 3:03PM Wow, hot nuns. Where were THOSE nuns when I was in Catholic grammar and high school..?!

Sony hopes to resolve PS3 "shortages" by May {Joystiq}

Feb 28th 2007 1:14PM More Nintenstiq hatery by Snow. Surprise!

PS3's are still hard to find in the SF Bay Area. My local Target has them occasionally, but they don't last more than a couple of days. Until the stocks are plentiful everywhere and not just in Sedalia, MO or a game shack in the Ozarks, then yes, they still have shortages.

I don't know when the hot trend to despise Sony products will abate among the online gaming community fanboy blogger populace, but given the tenacity of fads such as the pants-falling-down look among teens, I don't hold out much hope.

'Oh noes, people will say Joystiq is biased' - well, yes. They are.

PSP still hasn't reversed Nintendo's handheld dominance {Joystiq}

Feb 27th 2007 3:35PM "With Sony, its DRM first, user experience second. And unlike the DS, the PSP can't bring much in terms of gameplay connectivity to its mother system."

The Sony DRM issues don't impact gameplay whatsoever. It's been a drag for them in dealing with online media content, but that's it.

As for gameplay connectivity, I don't see a lot of that on the DS/Wii right now, so at least the PS3/PSP connection actually has functionality to it with PS1 games and remote play on the small screen. Whether it really makes it a mitigating factor for sales remains to be seen, of course. They need to divorce PSP/PS1 downloads from the PS3.

As for the others who *claim* to own a PSP and commenting on poor game selection - you seriously need to go look at the software rack. The PSP has a library that is quite robust these days.

The DS has ports, rehashes and sequels just like the PSP (although the latter gets more literal translations, obviously - and too many damned racing/sports titles). The PS2 has even gotten a couple of PSP ports, so I don't know where this notion has originated that the DS games are being ported to Wii. Trauma Center isn't a port.

The PSP isn't 'huge' - it was smaller in volume and weight than a Phat and can fit in a pocket with no problem. Slap a screen protector on that thing and you're good. The real bulk comes from those damned UMD games. Fragile and big, they're really the problem with the portability. Not the size of the handheld.

What I do agree with is that the DS has more games that are designed with portable/quick gaming in mind. The PSP could use more quick & simple yet addictive titles (which is not to say the DS doesn't have its share of games with depth, like Castlevania or Phoenix Wright).

And sorry, but FFIII makes my eyes bleed. It's a decent game in terms of overall quest length and plot, but the head-bashingly tiresome gameplay coupled with those horrendous visuals and sorry, it doesn't "pwn" anything.

PSP still hasn't reversed Nintendo's handheld dominance {Joystiq}

Feb 27th 2007 2:38PM Jeez Joystiq, why don't you just make up non-news articles to bash Sony or the PSP? Oh, right. You do.

First off, how is PSP NOT on track to sell 50 mil in 10 years? It's sold somewhere around 25 million in less than 2 years. Maybe that's slowing, but how is such a feat no longer possible?

PSP games still pop up in Top 10 charts in US and even Japan markets. The system is selling a firm third place, even in Japan where one might expect the even-bigger-than-Gameboy/GBA DS phenomenon to eclipse all other competitors.

Did the PSP rout the the DS? No. Is it a failure? No. Dead? No.

It's true that Sony needs to take more steps to streamline their PSP approach. Focusing on online content without requiring a PS3 would be a start, a price drop would help as well as a redesigned HD-equipped unit that preferrably dumped the cheap UMD plastic sleeves and went directly to straight slot loading... One can dream. A little marketing might help, the kind that isn't made fun of by most media sources.

But at some point, the anti-Sony media hysteria becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

GameHead gets Reggie making PS3 shooting crack {Joystiq}

Feb 24th 2007 3:39PM As usual, my weekly browsing of the top blogs at Joystiq finds it littered with blatant and undisguised Sony-hate-inspired FUD.

Similarly on par, we have aggro Nintendo militants dancing around the various bonfires that Joystiq writers set for them in true pandering fashion.

Does anyone really read Joystiq isn't a Nintendo fanboy or Sony hater?

Wii wrist weights? Why? {Joystiq}

Feb 9th 2007 7:16PM "OK, we know the whole Wii as window to weight loss fad is big right now..."

No, it really isn't.

PSP firmware goes to 3.11, little urge to follow {Joystiq}

Feb 8th 2007 6:02PM Another non-news item spun into 'PSP is crap' by R-W.

Thanks, Nintenstiq! Way to pander to those fanboys.

Nintendo patent reveals cell phone gaming plans {Joystiq}

Feb 7th 2007 3:36PM I don't know why we wouldn't expect to see something coming from this in relatively short order. With gadget phones topping the lists for items consumers are dying to get (like the Blackjack, Treo, iPhone, Razr, etc.), it stands to reason Nintendo would want to cash in on this trend - just like Apple is.

I think they could make a go of it, but I don't see it cleaning up. I think people want more from their multifunction phones than just gaming. I see thousands of Gameboy Advance Micro screens and buttons finding new homes.

Wii Power Gloves? Nope. {Joystiq}

Feb 7th 2007 3:33PM And as I suspected, the Wii accessories begin to descend into the absurd. Power Glove, indeed.