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EA bullish on future PS3 performance {Joystiq}

Feb 6th 2007 5:57PM "OMF ANTI_SONY!!!!!"

Yeah, actually, this blog was anti-Sony. It's sarcastic in tone and if you're even slightly awake, you can see the between-the-lines begging of Joystiq's resident Nintendo fanboys to rip this guy's comments apart. Like, how DARE EA be 'bullish' about the PS3?

The strategic use of quotes ("a comfortable clip" etc) is a dead giveaway, here. Orland is asking the rabid Nintyfans to create another 100+ comment slamfest for Sony and their PS3, and they're quick to oblige.

Dell working on a gaming handheld? {Engadget}

Feb 3rd 2007 5:13PM 'License' the DS form factor..? Nintendo doesn't own the concept of a clamshell handheld device.

Wiimote gun mod -- pop a cap in your Wii {Engadget}

Feb 2nd 2007 6:58PM Note to Engadget: Enough Wiimote anecdotal 'oh look what they did with it now' crap.

The Wii isn't so adorable and versatile that gluing one to an average appliance or one's ass makes for headline news on leading tech blogs, sorry.

Wii auctions outpacing PS3 on eBay {Joystiq}

Jan 30th 2007 4:39PM If there were more PS3 units being sold on ebay, Joystiq would be describing this as "More disgruntled PS3 owners offload their systems on ebay!" - After all, they gave us that very message when there were more PS3 ads on Craigslist, quoting a few as selling their systems to get a Wii.

I mean, do we really seriously consider the number of units sold on EBAY as indicative of *anything* other than random people selling their stuff for whatever reason? I guess by using this logic, the Gameboy and NES are more popular and better selling systems than the DS, since there's more of the former being sold than the latter.

ACCESS renames Palm OS to "Garnet OS," Treo users die a little more inside {Engadget}

Jan 25th 2007 7:50PM "left the faith for Windows Mobile or other abominations."

Why mince words? Let go of your PalmOS fanboyism and run with it.

Fortunately, those of us who have used lots of PalmOS *and* WinMobile/CE/PPC devices aren't losing much sleep over yet another effing GARNET device. Many have moved on to more stable, more functional and flexible WM or Smartphone powered devices while FrankenGarnet gets repatched, retweaked and rehashed ad nauseum.

Thanks Access and Palm. You guys make the PDA and Phone choice that much easier with moves like these.

Soft PS3 sales spell trouble for EA, others {Joystiq}

Jan 25th 2007 3:48PM Nintendo fanboys will stop at nothing to proclaim the PS3 dead, Sony dead, Nintendo and Wii the victors.

The system is barely two months old. It's FAR too early to spell doom or victory for ANY new system. Hell, it's too early to really close the book on the 360, and that thing has been out a year!

As another poster said, MUCH ado about nothing. But to the Nintendo fanatic hoarde at Joystiq and their champions the anti-Sony blogger staff, no

Revenge of the pugs {WoW}

Jan 20th 2007 3:33PM Sounds like some folks need to remember the old 'it's only a game' line.

I like to cut people slack - like those perfecting certain tricks or yes, even those who bought their characters. People make mistakes, have bad days, etc. What's worse, the ignoramus or someone who sits there chiding every slip-up? As long as it's a matter of being a noob or making honest mistakes and not someone being a punk, I say live and let live.

I mean, it's WoW, and when you die, you come back. No huge deal. Even if you spend time cruising into a long instance only to have to f'ed up, you have to put it in perspective. Nobody is guaranteeing you a successful run, and people aren't bots (hopefully).

Final Fantasy remakes bound for PSP {Joystiq}

Jan 17th 2007 5:12PM "Blasphemous for any FF from FF I - VI to be put on anything other than Nintendo"

It's blasphemous to use the word 'blashpemous' in such a context. You Nintendobots are hilarious in your zealotry.

"This is NOT going to be like the FFIII remake for the DS."

Thank GOD for that.

Best of the rest: Ross' picks {Joystiq}

Jan 1st 2007 4:45PM "intelligence-building a competition"

Marketing hype ftw: Train your Brain isn't fun and doesn't 'build intelligence'.

It takes a true Sony-hating blog like Joystiq to mention Lumines as a 'Best of' title and not make a single mention of the PSP versions.

Best Buy selling hoarded PS3s tomorrow morning {Joystiq}

Dec 31st 2006 8:29PM I live in Northern CA - there are no PS3's in stock anywhere. You tell me where, I'll go check it out.

The Nintendo fanboys reign supreme at Joystiq. A site by, and for, the Sony haters.