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Changes coming to Alterac Valley {WoW}

Sep 1st 2007 10:31AM This is going to backfire imo. Moving the higher honor value npcs towards the end will just screw horde more. Half the time, we don't get past SP GY, so moving them all towards the end...

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 27th 2007 3:05PM "I guess the Atkins diet craze is over finally."

New pre-WotLK zone announced: Sunwell Plateau {WoW}

Aug 24th 2007 9:50PM @3 High fantasy means technology. The outlands is kind of spaced out compared to pre bc and normal Warcraft.

Questions answered at BlizzCon {WoW}

Aug 7th 2007 4:28PM @10 Pandaren won't happen. Blizzard doesn't want to offend China, which is huge for them.

Getting complaints in early {WoW}

Aug 6th 2007 11:29PM Double post and stuff. Also @20. If you think wow is boring try playing Lineage or some other grindfest game of this sort. Leveling in wow is sort of a joke compared to 95% of the games in this genre. If it's too much work for you, then there is no hope.

Getting complaints in early {WoW}

Aug 6th 2007 11:28PM @20 Then mmorpgs probably aren't your "thing". They are designed to be treadmills and full of repetition.

Shaman improvements from Blizzcon {WoW}

Aug 5th 2007 4:51PM @2 You do realize that a lot of enchancement shamans have pathetic mana pools right? It's not like they run around with 11k mana.

More Zul'Aman previews {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2007 10:06PM @6 While I like your overall point, I think making up stats hurts what you are trying to say. Site your data please.

PTR Notes: Rogue's Blind change changed back {WoW}

Jul 16th 2007 6:04PM @5 I'm not sure where you are farming, or how long your arena matches are, but I can farm enough fadeleaf for 60-70 blinds in about 10 minutes. Try SM armory.