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"You guys suck at this game" {WoW}

Dec 25th 2006 3:10AM It's funny because I've felt the same way as some of the things he says. If someone is in a raid and they lolligaging, they are wasting 39 other peoples time. If nothing gives him the right to call them out; then nothing gives them the right to waste MY (and 39 other peoples) Time. You can only tell them so many times before you kick them, or ream them in the hopes they'll improve.

So, for those that dislike what he's saying; ask yourself if you'll ever see anything past MC. Chances are - NO. It's a logistics nightmare to get 40 people together for a high end raid.

There are those that want to be the best, and those that don't. His guild is one that wants to be elite (in this game); and it's no different than people that want to be the best at anything else.