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Magister's Terrace and the meatshield: Drops to look for {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2008 10:14AM Plenty of gear with Resilience though. Resilience is showing up on more and more tanking cloaks and rings, as well - I'm getting the impression that it's intended to the bear's replacement for defense, as bears can only really enjoy half of the benefit defense provides for avoidance stats. resilience won't raise dodge/miss like defense will, but it will reduce DOT damage and make you uncrittable.

Magister's Terrace and the meatshield: Drops to look for {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2008 10:06AM I know full well paladins need spelldamage. Mine has 400. The point is that spelldamage has it's own stat, which is far better itemized for spelldamage than Healing is.

The first two items listed 'for paladins' are strictly healing gear. and nothing about off-spec was listed for the Battle Mace of the High Priestess.

Magister's Terrace and the meatshield: Drops to look for {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2008 9:36AM Sigh.

Paladins. Do. Not. Use. +Healing. For. Tanking. Ever.

BigRedKitty: Ask not what your raid can do for you {WoW}

Feb 18th 2008 12:43PM Let's see. What can't hunters do:

* Achieve or exceed the DPS of any other 'Pure' DPS class, and some hybrid DPS classes (see: extremely well geared ret paladins, moderate+ geared enhancement shamans)

* Heal the raid, or restore mana to it

* Provide a buff that acheives an equal footing or exceeds the value of a buff provided by any other DPS support class.

A ret paladin can do all of the above. Hunters are kept around because Misdirect is good for pulling and a few of them are smart enough to know how to milk every ounce of use out of their class. I have respect for those people - initially. But when they go around badmouthing other classes which deserve their raid spot a hell of a lot more, that respect is completely lost.

Ret paladins earned their place in a raid in 2.3 when they showed they could both bring comparable DPS and superior utility to a raid environment. They don't deserve anyone's scrutiny, least of all that of a hunter.

BigRedKitty: Ask not what your raid can do for you {WoW}

Feb 18th 2008 12:18PM I was thinking "Wow, this sure is an informative post" until you made the crack about Ret.

Protip; Ret paladins are as valuable to the raid as you are, which is to say mid-range DPS that provides a DPS buff to the group. The difference between them and you is that they don't JUST provide a 2-3% dps buff to the people immediately around them, but improve the crit of the entire raid by another 3% on top of it.

Maybe if you're going to cast the discerning eye of the classist around you should reconsider your role in the game - you're by far the most replacable class in the game, not to mention one of the least useful. Give us a ring when you're a prot warrior or a holy priest. Then maybe you'll have some clout when you run your stupid mouth.

Forum Post of the Day: Bring back the honor grind! {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2008 3:12PM Am I the only one who actually REMEMBERS the old grind?

AFKers were ten times the problem they are now. A handful of people in the tunnel does not constitute a problem. But back when you HAD to play 10-20 hours of pvp a week to get ANY progress? You used to see 10+ people in the tunnel, and then another 6 or 7 fishing, PER FACTION. I remember running AV on dethecus and seeing 15 alliance at their pond one day. I don't want to think about how many more were in their tunnel.

AFKing will always be a problem as long as it can be a problem. At only one point in wow's history was AFKing NOT a problem - when winning battlegrounds didn't give honor and honor kills weren't spread across the raid. And you know what? That was a long, long, long time ago. They implemented honor rewards from games long before the switch, and for AV the bonus honor always trumped the honor you'd get from being in the thick of things.

Old PVP sucked. It was horrible. By the time the new honor system launched, 90% of the rewards were replacable or matchable in pickup groups - blackwing lair was not that hard a year and a half after it came out. I was on a pvp server that was doing full clear pugs weekly. Once you got into the AQ level there was really no question of where you were getting your pvp gear. The saddest thing, to be quite honest, was seeing that Warlord tag over someone's head when they had the bug shoulders and DEoI. All that effort and they're not going to use a single piece of the gear.

And my favorite part of this guy's entire post

is where he says 'especially in EPL'

No shit? Most people LEVELING don't go through EPL anymore. EPL was a shitty zone to beginw ith, and now that we're all level 70, why the hell would we go there? This guy is pretty retarded about a lot of things, but being upset about there being no good world pvp in EPL shouldn't be one of them. He must be too young to even remember WHY there was good pvp in EPL all the time - a constant stream of instance groups to Strat and Scholo, coupled with goldfarmers, and hordies waiting for the AV/AB/WSG queue to pop. World PVP in those zones was insane because they were the only real zones to be at at 60 - if you needed money, that was the place to get it. If you needed gear, the most rewarding instance for it was Stratholme. And it was within close proximity to a horde capitol so people queueing there had someplace to go and pvp while they waited.

There's nothing like that in outland, sure. The biggest mistake in that was making shattrath a 'sanctuary' rather than just making the guards rape anyone who tried anything, and putting an emphasis on bullshit like daily quests instead of just leaving solid goldfarming spots in the game. Don't get me wrong, I don't like having to grind - but making dailies a superior option for 90% of the playerbase was a mistake and it just added to the already existing lack of pvp in outland. And if they were going to push objective based PVP, they should have put it in ALL of the zones in outland. cutting off at Terrokar forest, and having usch a half-assed PVP objective in Terokkar to boot was the final nail in the coffin.

Blizzard seems to be planning to bring back world PVP 'for realz' in WotLK but that remains to be seen. IN any case, I prefer the game the way it is now, even without world pvp. I hated the grind. I remember getting 150k honor one week and actually crying when I saw how little it mattered. I could never pvp seriously again after that - I just felt so cheated. I know I'm not the only one.

Media Player boosts WoW performance {WoW}

Dec 19th 2007 5:47PM So, wowinsider, this begs the question of; how much is microsoft paying you for all this advertising?

Breakfast Topic: Best boss fight {WoW}

Dec 19th 2007 10:58AM Answered own question imho. General Rajaxx was and is bar none the best boss fight in the game. Nothing felt so good as getting that fight down the first time. People complain about the coordination required in the Moroes fight or doing the warlord in SSC, but Rajaxx? Eight waves, any of which could ruin you in SECONDS, no drinking in between waves, unique abilities on every miniboss and a last boss who, if his waves didn't kill you, would do so himself in virtually no time at all if you weren't ready for him. My guild spent weeks on him before we got our first kill and eventually managed to get him on farm - that was some triumph, I'll tell you that much. Rajaxx was by far the most memorable boss encounter i've ever experienced.

Breakfast Topic: Should all classes get to tank, heal, and dps? {WoW}

Oct 14th 2007 8:30PM You know, a lot of you pallies out here are missing something - I keep hearing Shaman brought up as an example as to why your class should be able to do DPS, and you know what I say to that? Why can't I tank anymore?

Back in the pre-BC days, I was an awesome tank. I was gearing up my +defense, I was doing BRD and Strat runs and holding unbreakable aggro. Shaman were amazing single target threat tanks, between Rockbiter and Earthshock - they lacked mitigation via armor that a plate user had much better, but through the five mans that was more or less irrelevant with good healing and you could still be an off tank in the 20 man raids. I had managed to build up half of my tank/defense set when the patch launched that took the threat component off of rockbiter. All the time I spent gearing up to help my guild in ZG was wasted. I realize now that my class simply wasn't meant to tank on the same level as other classes capable of tanking. While I have plenty of aggro generating abilities and plenty of mitigation abilities and talents, my place is as a DPS class or a healer. Quite simply put, I will never be a tank. Perhaps an offtank, in a five man instance, on a weak hitting mob - but never in a raid, and never as a main tank.

As a paladin, your DPS will never be on the same level as another DPS class without massive changes to the ways your abilities work - changes that would severely unbalance your other two trees as well. Increased holy damage from your abilities to relieve the reliance on spelldamage from ret would also greatly increase the threat generation from holy, which is already higher than any other class, and would also turn holy specced pvp pallies into the most powerful burst nuke class in the game. Arena would get a whole lot nastier when the paladin could keep his party up, be completely indestructable, and throw 7k holy shocks to boot. And Blizzard will NEVER relieve reliance on spelldamage for a paladin, EVER, and nor should they! A paladin is a holy warrior. They're designed to throw around the light!

Sure, you should have some way to diminish threat. But rather than making long winded posts on the general forums about how it's necessary you be given threat generation or you're going to cancel your accounts 4eva because you can't be a heal-throwing, out-threat-generating warrior, who does more dps to boot. Blizzard looks at posts like that, and then ignores them. If you want changes, you should be getting on PTR, putting together Zul Aman raids or even doing five mans as a ret pally with your new abilities and posting reports. Use numbers. FActor the damage you dealt, and the damage you took. COUNT the times you pull aggro. Put together real numbers as to why a paladin's damage outpaces threat generation. Prove to blzizard that this is a problem. They'll give you what you want. They did it with shaman, and we were as convinced as you were that the only thing we'd ever be allowed to do is heal. But don't be surprised if, even if you get your threat dump, that your raid's still going to make you put on a healing mace and make you hit flash of light all day. You may want to find a better way to solidify yourself as dps - may I suggest getting a Nightfall put together?

Tseric has now left the building... {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2007 4:21AM Honestly, guys, he got fired for a reason. That is not the way a customer service representative should treat the clients of his employers. If anything, this is a bright sign of a new direction for Blizzard Entertainment. The CMs have been allowed to say or do whatever they pleased since launch. What warrior doesn't remember the legendary post in the opening months of the game where a CM accused them of not knowing how to play their class becuase they thought talents like Improved Thunderclap and Improved Execute were worthless. Eyonix has, innumerable times, outright insulted customers. Granted, it can be exasperating to do this kind of job, but I work with customers every day on my job - no matter what kind of attitude they give us, we can't talk to them like they were less of a person for it. That's what customer service is all about. Maybe when Tseric and Eyonix volunteer for these jobs and do them for free they'll have a right to get snippy ; until then, they should be doing everything in their power to satisfy the customer base, not troll the forums rampantly without any kind of retaliation. People keep looking at Tseric like he's a human being - as long as he's on the clock, he's not a human being. Just like that guy who bags your groceries is not a human being, just like the guy who makes your pizzas is not a human being. He's an employee and he's expected to do things a certain way. And if he dosen't do them that way, he deserves what he gets.

Tseric's job was to handle customers. Maybe not handle them with the same level of butt-kissing that most in the field of customer service do, but at least to a point where the customer's complaints are satisfied, or at least kept quiet. But for as long as I can remember, just like Eyonix and Fangtooth did before they cut back their posting habits (likely after numerous warnings), he has been a forum troll, he has done whatever he could to further incite the forum rage. When your customer service reps get into flamewars on your forums, and that thread gets linked on every major WOW website, SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. Tseric's employment was terminated because of a long history of doing his job poorly. Don't think for a second that just becuase his job was hard and he dealt with assholes that he didn't deserve to get fired; if I told a customer 'GG, good luck getting me fired lady', I would be out the door the next day, I promise you that.