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Forum Post of the Day: Will Blood Elves be that bad? {WoW}

Dec 26th 2006 8:28AM Well! I was seriously taken aback by the venom in some of theses comments. I'm new to the game and I love it - my first character is Forsaken, and is a beautiful tonic to the more MoR/stereotypical/cutesyfied feeling of some of the other races. If Blizzard wants to go out on a limb and mix things up a bit, that's fine by me - it doesn't seem there's really a lot you could do about it anyway!
I guess it's inevitable that people would want to big-up their own prejudices or resist such changes, but increasing the scope of the game is likely to increase rather than diminish it's appeal. I'll certainly play a BE at some time - as I will certainly give some of the Alliance races a go - this way I'll get to see as much of Azeroth as possible, and appreciate the huge effort that so many people go to to create the game in the first place (as well as getting the most value for MY money as possible).
It'll always be up to the individual how they play the game, and what they get out of it - so if you want to ignore Forsaken and Blood Elves or even Alliance, go for it. At the end of the day, such opinions aren't likely to put me off playing the game, so much as stop me visiting websites such as this one!!!