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Forum Post of the Day: Will Blood Elves be that bad? {WoW}

Dec 28th 2006 12:55PM I personally didn't like the character models of the Horde, and I liked the Paladin class better than the Shaman class when I started the game, so I rolled Alliance.

Now, after all this time, my Paladin is shelved and I wish I would have rolled Horde to begin with. I am leaving my 60 Mage / 60 Paladin to roll a Blood Elf Warlock. I feel this will help the horde as I am a good PvP'er with 10+ years of MMO experience; however, I know a lot of alliance players that are talking about rolling blood elves and I've seen them in PvP and I feel that the extra players, while this will help the imbalance, will hurt the horde by increasing their numbers in crappy PvP players.

Although, it will be nice to see all the skilled Horde PvP players using a Paladin to their full extent, ouch!

Those are my thoughts, take them with a grain of salt ^^