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The Azeroth Blues {WoW}

Jan 25th 2007 5:10PM @10 - Telling people to "get laid" because they are critical of the lack of new game content is absurd. One day "Deathrend" you too will grow tired of the same quests over and over mid-game if you decide to do an alt. We all KNOW they made an expansion; the issue is, SHOULD they make new content for the game over time. I doubt seriously you plan on deleting your characters and cancelling your account after you get some 60+s going and get bored a little.

The Azeroth Blues {WoW}

Jan 25th 2007 2:54PM Actually, it rather amazes me that with the boatloads of money Blizz doesn't have a group who's only job is to generate new albeit simple quest content for the game on an ongoing basis. Certainly there are quests which are fixtures, but others should change. All the moonwell quests are fixed for instance in the NE areas, but some of the other quests could be changed out so starting a new alt in that area does feel a bit different character to character over time. Another is that GM's should take over NPC's or boss creatures on occasion, just to spice things up. To really live up to the name "World" of Warcraft, some dynamic, even live content is in order. I believe that Blizz is no different from other MMORPG vendors in that they figure you will get bored and quit after they have gotten their $150+ game cost out of you and they see nothing in it for them to put in new content. IF they didn't take this attitude and really focused on new content quests through time to replace the old and make leveling new characters fun, they might keep people around a LOT longer. I know though deep in my heart it will _never_ happen . I mean, my god, is it THAT hard to rewrite a quest to kill/retrieve/deliver X?

Empire interviews Itzik Ben Bassat {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2007 2:59PM Well, I'm going to go against the grain here and say I don't believe that Blizz is going to do Starcraft as an MMORPG. One thing WoW has going for it is that fantasy is *very* popular across cultures and is the primary reason WoW is so popular. Starcraft, while it was fleshed out enough to make a good background for yet-another-rts, I don't believe that it ever will be as popular as Diablo/Warcraft and therefore not warrant an MMORPG. Hate me as you will for saying so. I think what Blizz is going to do is be the first to really try to do something that takes advantage of the multiplayer experience that MMORPGs haven't yet. One thing I can assure you they aren't going to do is give up on those $15.00 subscriptions that WoW generates, so I would not expect anything that threatens that franchise, but goes after a different crowd entirely. If they do actually some kind of Starcraft entry I think it will be to try to capitalize on the group shooters like BF2, Call of Duty, etc that are to a large degree untouched by WoW.

Tigole doesn't deny the idea of player housing {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2007 1:58PM There was housing in UO, and I can honestly say that it while it can add a feeling of "rootedness", it eventually just becomes a closet of sorts, putting in junk that no one uses but adds to server load. I think WoW has it right now, with all the empty units around that one can pretend are theirs by just plopping down to log out. Yeah, it is a bit disconcerting to login with someone standing in your "house", but ... it's communal living :)
I have to agree though, housing really adds little and the server starts to resemble a subdivision; put in more content for real play.

Breakfast Topic: The next expansion {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2007 11:09AM I don't know the story well enough, but I for one would almost rather see Blizz NOT put out an expansion for awhile, but go through and revise the quests for the original starting areas and midgame content. The polish on the new BE and DR areas makes the old stuff appear so poor. "Go to this moonwell, go to that moonwell, get me 5 whatevers", with none of the little details that make the world really come alive. In any event I suspect it will be 1-1/2 to two years before another expansion.

Population: Too much or not enough? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2007 11:00AM Related to the question of whether highly populated servers are good or bad, is that what is to be expected with the new server(s) allocated within a realm to 60+? Since each realm is effectively three server(s), one for the expansion areas, and one for each continent, shouldn't we see the queues somehow related to load for that area? Instead they all seem to be tied to one queue, so you wait 20 mins to get on then if you're in IF for instance... it's a ghost town. We've all heard how the realms are supposed to support 25% more players... if so, why the heck should anyone need to consider moving at this point? How can a mature realm where 70% of the players are all in the new content server be considered "full" when the continent servers are light? Someone explain this to me, it just doesn't seem right. I think the queue system needs to be revised to allow you to instantly log in to a realm... but then enter a queue for the particular character relative to the realm-server zone. Possible or not I don't know... but it doesn't make much sense to have 60 levels of content sitting there empty with 300+ queues because all the 60+'s are over in the new content server.

Crafting for Profit {WoW}

Jan 18th 2007 4:25PM I'm no crafting expert, but a friend of mine is and has about 5K in gold from crafting and loot, the largest part being crafting among about 5 active alts. Oddly, some items are just easy money makers that add up, but since they dont result in 30 GP per unit people ignore them and a reasonable market is created. Among them:

- Shirts (I kid you not, 60s is easy for a silk shirt) make 5 and do the math, now do that three times a week by a few months, ditto for below

- Healing and Swiftness potions, among others, adds up quick.

- Armor Kits of all kinds

Yeah, I KNOW none of these are sexy, but it is quite amazing how quickly they add up as crafts. We all know the 1337 recipe that makes items that go for high money... but they are usually short lived. The above are are just intended as examples of how even simple crafts can make some money as you work up.

The Jaina Proudmoore incident {WoW}

Jan 18th 2007 8:35AM @8. While I don't in general agree with the basic attitude of "your tough luck, my good luck" as a rationale, it IS Blizzard's responsibility to regulate what is supposed to be dropped. What the NPC drops is purely subjective... there are no published rules to my knowledge on what to even expect on a drop from an NPC at a given level. Blizz then punishing people for taking advantage of something they put in the game is absurd. If an 60th level epic drops off a 5th level Murloc am I supposed to call a GM and ask permission to keep it? Change the drop yes, but to punish the players for not contacting Blizz... that is a bit much. Personally I'd rather see some of the folks who insist on going onto an RP server named "Gankzilla" or something else obviously disruptive to the tone of the game get bumped, but blizz won't hold any standard there despite the "agreements" about playing on RP.

Hellfire Peninsula general chat: How I mine for fish? {WoW}

Jan 17th 2007 3:42PM The whole n00b thing is _so_ old and trite. The use of the term really smacks of the phenomena in fraternities and sororities where hazing takes place, as folks who got degraded for when they were new now have their turn to dump on someone. Sad really. Now, where is Mankirk's wife?

The speculation begins... again {WoW}

Jan 17th 2007 2:10PM @2. I agree with you, I think this would make for a MUCH more interesting game over time. I doubt Blizz will ever go for it mainly due to the imbalance between Hoarde and Alliance, every server would consist of small groups of Hoarde in constant flight on the world map pursued by mobs of Allys.