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Heroes of Ruin wrecking shop on June 26 {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 3:23PM @A Sandwich

You know we could start a internet campaign for that.

"If you make Bastion for the 3DS or Vita, I will do the unthinkable"

Leaderboard: Spider vs. pig {Massively}

Mar 26th 2012 4:49PM @CheesecakeBandit

You sir have sound logic which is irrefutable.

Leaderboard: Spider vs. pig {Massively}

Mar 26th 2012 4:48PM Spider-pig! Spider-pig! Does what ever a Spider-pig can!

Why I Play: Star Wars: The Old Republic {Massively}

Mar 21st 2012 2:17PM You make some really great points and it is also along the same lines as how I feel. The only major exception is growing up i loved the original movies and I didn't hate the prequels or anything, I actually just took them as they were and enjoyed them as much as I could. But the bottom line is SWTOR is fun and I will continue to play it while it is fun.

Breakfast Topic: 'Every female WoW player has healed at least once' {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 10:22AM My wife is a huntard, she has never leveled anything else past twenty.

These games inspired Cliff Bleszinski, John Romero, Will Wright, and Sid Meier {Joystiq}

Mar 9th 2012 4:14PM Cliffy B said that he'd like to make a New England based game, wasn't the first Alan Wake set there? i know it looks like it to me, but not sure.

The most wicked creatures in WoW {WoW}

Mar 7th 2012 9:54AM Sheeping the Moon was the first thought in my head when i read that as well. You are not alone!

Metareview: Mass Effect 3 {Joystiq}

Mar 6th 2012 3:10PM @vidjagamer Part of me wants to say "You have really been missing out man!" but in reality you are going to have a hell of a couple weeks playing through those three, it will be great fun!

Assassin's Creed 3 headed to Wii U, first trailer released {Joystiq}

Mar 5th 2012 12:53PM @slickie Unless I am misunderstanding something I do not believe it will be coming to the Wii, but the Wii U, which is Nintendo's new console

Sid Meier indirectly involved in XCOM: Enemy Unknown {Joystiq}

Mar 1st 2012 2:06PM @JoRo1986 The alpha and the omega?