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Improving the character selection screen {WoW}

Oct 4th 2009 9:24AM Actually i think you will find that the character screen HAS indeed been changed since WoW came out. Maybe it just coz i've played it longer than most, or maybe some of you have forgotten that the login screen never used to show enchants/glows etc on weapons. It now does :)

Just a fact for you anyways.

Time is Money: Farming in Sholazar Basin, part one {WoW}

May 1st 2009 1:22PM Who gives a crap how a word is pronounced. The only thing in this thread i take offense to is the 'i am holier than thou' attitude by a American (Noctiluca) thinking that his/her country is the reason we speak English as opposed to German.

You sir/mam are a uncultured fool. Go read a book - preferably a History book that's not written by your mum.

Then, when you actually know what the fuck you are talking about, please comment here apologizing for the lack of knowledge and respect you have shown on the subject.

If i was a American, I would be embarrassed by the goofy rednecks like you that make the rest of them look stupid.

Insider Trader: Evolution of Fishing {WoW}

Apr 26th 2009 2:10AM 450 fisherman here with salty title. I agree with Kal's comments on the first page. I LIKED being the weird guy out fishing - but now its just so common. The pools are crowded and i think its a shame that everyone is doing it. I remember the time when u would wait for 30 seconds and still not get a bite...ahhhhh those were the days...... at least it definitely stopped those ppl not dedicated enough to invest some time into it.

fishing elitist? you bet!

How to decide who's getting Val'anyr {WoW}

Apr 13th 2009 10:19AM Only thing im dissapointed about is that some classes have still not had a DECENT chance at obtaining a legendary. Sure there was a staff that we could form way back when... but not enuf time was given to allow anyone except but maybe the top 1 or 2 guilds on a server to get even ONE of their members the staff. It seems to me that the melee had alot more time to get/use their items.... and now the same thing might happen with healers.

I can see Blizzard releasing another melee legendary item next, leaving the other dps casters (ie locks and mages) spewing at this news... How about just letting all classes roll on the legendary pieces - and have different items available to choose from - that way noone will get neglected.

YouPlayorWePay opens up a new month, plans to add EU realms soon {WoW}

Mar 11th 2009 7:52PM 3rd time u have posted about this scam site. last time you said:

"But I'm not deaf (or blind, obviously) -- I hear your feedback. Unless they make any other major changes (or suddenly announce they've been sued by Blizzard or something wacky like that), we probably won't be posting about them again."

I don't think u heard our feedback at all..... please stop posting this shit and come up with something that is actually newsworthy!

Arcane Brilliance: Changes to the Fire tree {WoW}

Mar 8th 2009 7:44AM Hey Christian,

You said:
"I only saw one Mage whose talent allocation could be considered a Fire spec, and even that little Gnomish pyromancer might have been a Frostfire Mage. It's hard to say. He was the only Mage I saw that had gone far enough in to actually pick up Living Bomb, so I'm counting him."

You and I both know that living bomb is perhaps a essential part of a frostfire mages rotation so i fail to see how you would count them as fire if they had specced into the frost tree as well - especially if they took enough points to get icy veins. You yourself have commented on this build before

"You'll find some slight variations, but this is the generally-accepted cookie-cutter Fire-heavy Frostfire Build at the moment:

0/53/18 Frostfire Build"

found here:

Enjoyed the article as always tho :)


Breakfast Topic: No ifs or bots. {WoW}

Feb 18th 2009 4:54PM Another slow day at wowinsider i see.. tired of these stupid STUPID posts. 2 botting posts (1 was bad enuf) and links to a scam/phishing site in the last 2 days?? GG fail more.

PLEASE for the love of god cover something other than this shit.

WoW botter tells all part 2 {WoW}

Feb 18th 2009 6:52AM Sigh. Wowinsider should know better than to encourage/debate this kind of stuff. This is against blizzard's TOS and is by all definitions cheating. First promoting sites like youplayorweplay then this... bot... rubbish.

Can Wowinsider stick to some good content please?

YouPlayorWePay goes free with a new plan {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 4:33PM So they are using a small amount of positive marketing to attract more ppl to their scam? why the hell are u posting this crap??

YAY I GOT PAID $4 !!! wooot im so glad my server has been down for over 24hrs!! YAYAYAYAY this month i made $2 profit..................

seriously. how much did they pay you for the positive spin you have attempted to put on the two articles i have read from you about them?

Dual specs at low levels {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 5:17PM Maybe allowing dual specs to be "unlocked" for players that have a toon which has reached 80. This would allow dual specs for low lvl (alt) characters for those ppl that understand the system - kinda a reward for getting at least one toon to 80. The "newbies" wont know they are missing out and it really wont disadvantage them that much anyhow.