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The Daily Grind: What MMOG would you kill off? {Massively}

Jul 20th 2008 3:59PM The new achievement system is actually more like achievements on Xbox Live. Some of them will reward you with various useless things like titles & pets, and it is certainly nothing at all comparable to EQ1's AA's or EQ2's achievements. Those are basically what Talents are in WoW except there is no separate progression.

Confront the SOCOM: Confrontation trailer {Joystiq}

Jul 6th 2008 11:59AM Hey, they could have gone the 360 route and filled the game with the same drab textures over and over(Gears) or even added in completely un-necessary bright & Shiny colors like Halo 3.

Then again, this is actually a good multi player series - who the fuck cares?

The Daily Grind: Which MMO should go away? {Massively}

Apr 21st 2008 2:37PM World of Warcraft.

"Chuck Norris LOLCOPTER9000" I think nobody would care in the least if the millions of people who spend their time acting like a complete moron in Barrens chat/Trade chat just disappeared from the earth. The game disappearing wouldn't help because they would simply migrate to other games you may be playing. There needs to be a MMO culture cleansing!

WoW did absolutely zilch for the genre aside from bringing a younger audience to the scene(by making the easiest MMO of all time) and bringing a more direct marketing approach. The game is simply a half-retarded infant's version of everquest with cardboard looking scenery and absolutely atrocious attention to detail throughout the game.

People who bash EverQuest are completely oblivious to the fact that WoW wouldn't even exist without EverQuest and their astounding 1 Million+ subscribers back when there was barely that many people playing MMO's all together. While thats not a reason for the game to stick around, it still provides the best raiding experience I've come across(and I've since moved onto many other MMOs after EQ) and has a great community that stands out like a sore thumb from those like WoW.

If anyone is going to make statements about any of the grandfather MMO's going out of business "just because they are old", than why not mention Ultima Online?

70 Orc Warrior WoW
70 Wood Elf Druid EQ
70 Gnome Necromancer EQ2

By Crom! Another Border Kingdom Cryer! {Massively}

Apr 16th 2008 5:36PM Scott, its hard to come across "data" for something like that. Obviously you can obtain class data to determine what classes are being played. However, in specific regards to WoW, someone playing as a Warrior/Paladin isn't necessarily a tank. It depends on their spec, but the high end content in WoW requires a true tank, not a warrior using a 2hander/dual wielding, or a Paladin specialized at doing damage or Healing.

When most people talk/complain about the tank shortage, its generally from their personal experiences in difficulties finding tanks while seeing an abundance of other classes.

What Warhammer Online will always be remembered for {Massively}

Apr 7th 2008 8:48AM It's hard to say. Other's bring up "city sieges" and talk about it as if it's something entirely new. It is, and it isn't. Age of Conan will be out May 20th, and "city sieges"(though unique compared to WAR's style) will be in at launch. Whereas WAR is going to be in Beta for quite some time. Hard to claim "first" there.

I think WAR will probably be remembered for being "that game"....not the one to trump WoW but the one to actually make Blizzard notice a decent loss in subscribers. This in turn could be great news for the WoW community as well, as Blizzard could jump into action trying to "steal some thunder", easily done by hijacking some of the easier translated ideas used in WAR that are causing it to be so popular.

The Daily Grind: What was your gateway MMO? {Massively}

Apr 7th 2008 8:34AM My gateway drug...err MMO was EverQuest, back when the first Expansion was released. I remember there being a group of guys I used to play organized sports with who would tell me about this online RPG they were all into. Me, being a complete idiot at the time...couldnt grasp the concept of how you actually could buy and sell items for these RPGs online.

After plunging into EQ and finding myself in a humorous situation(anyone who played with the original EQ UI knows what I mean) since I not only was a newb to the MMO scene, but to RPGs all together. It was a leaning curve that I'll probably never experience again on that degree, but once I got into it no other game genre's have been able to really give the same sensations.

I can officially consider myself a MMO Junkie...

EverQuest+ 9 Expansions
Everquest 2 + 3 Expansions
World of Warcraft + 1 Expansion
Lord of the Rings Online
The Matrix Online
Tabula Rasa
Project Entropia

The Daily Grind: Which PvP do you want more: AoC or WAR? {Massively}

Mar 27th 2008 1:39PM PLEASE

I played on PVP servers in EQ(including the hardcore, lose all items and go back to lvl 1 "Discord" server), EQ2, and WoW. 2 of those 3 games had item loot when I played, and guess out of those three which had the best PVP?

The fact is people dont give a shit about getting some random item from a player who was running around killing bears and pigs. Most of the time the items you receive are worthless anyways. Even when you do get something useful/valuable, its still a worthless system without any content for PVPers to do. You either run to "hot spots" where people go to exp or you just wander around aimlessly looking for soloers. That is not fucking fun, Im sick and tired of that and I refuse to play any other game in PVP without them specifically designing content for it.(such as both AoC and WAR are doing)

So please, nobody gives a shit about you not liking these games because of some pathetic loot system in pvp that doesnt add much fun factor to the game as compared to the devs spending hours and hours designing content for us to do in pvp. If they removed their PVP content in favor of a retarded, pointless loot system I would never even give the game a chance.

No more PVP without content for me. Its just too boring.

More on Moria: Massively interviews Turbine's Jeffrey Steefel {Massively}

Mar 17th 2008 11:47AM What you said is true Scop, however there can definitely be good features that can be taken advantage of by more than just people at the level cap. One example would be when EQ2 released their 2nd expansion, Kingdom of Sky. That expansion introduced teleportation rings as well as a form of Alternate Advancement that players could begin obtaining once they reached level 20. Also, even by adding in just one lower level area aside from the obvious plentiful higher level areas, it allows them to work in some nice content to fill gaps where there may not be a ton of quality content in some level ranges.

So, while the expansion should definitely be targeted at the high end....there could certainly be plenty of room for features that all levels can take advantage of.