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Mad TV - Apple's iPad {}

Jun 17th 2006 11:57AM Nope, just not funny.

WoW Board Game Review {WoW}

May 30th 2006 5:52AM In the UK it cost me £60, roughly $110.

Warner Bros. to team with BitTorrent for movie sales {Engadget}

May 9th 2006 6:43AM @ Number 3, Simon:

There are a lot of people using services like iTunes to download music when they could be getting it for free from filesharing networks.

Tiny iPod, huge dock {}

Sep 11th 2005 5:50PM Just a little off topic, but I got an "Introducing iPod mini" email from the Apple store today. There's a link in it to "Personalise your nano", which leads you to Looks like someone at Apple was a bit careless!

Microsoft Messenger 5 stuck in 1995 {}

Sep 11th 2005 5:46PM AIM and Yahoo are barely used in the UK. Teens here (me included) are more likely to ask for your MSN address than your phone number.

macdevcenter on ClamXav {}

Aug 21st 2005 5:01PM Am I missing something here? Since when has there been enough (or any) viruses to warrant bothering with this?

Old Mac as a Jukebox {}

Aug 20th 2005 9:44AM Have to agree with #1, does that article tell you anything you couldn't work out at all? Clearly they think they're the first people to have thought of plugging a laptop into a stereo?

Where Blogger Fails (or, My Gripe with Internet Companies) {}

Aug 17th 2005 5:45PM Why would you want to blog from Word anyway?

Share your little black book with a friend... {}

Jul 25th 2005 4:05AM If you live in New York, and he lives in London, what was the point in sharing address books?