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Blizzard just says no to consoles (or do they?) {WoW}

Feb 7th 2007 4:44PM I think the majority of console gamers are “non-sophisticated gamers” such that they would not enjoy a game like WoW. Console games are primarily for those casual “action-reaction” focused gamers and these people would not have the patience and desire to play a game like WoW. If they did like more involved games, they would have a computer. Perhaps the next-generation will blur the lines more between the PC and console…maybe even give rise to the “entire home controller”. But until then, porting a game like WoW into Xbox isn’t simply installing the software. There has to be a lot of time and money invested to make a new version, controllers, and technology products to support such a different system and then question would be…”Is it economically viable to do that at this point”. As he indicated…they are going to wait and see.

Leveling build for an Enhancement Shaman {WoW}

Feb 6th 2007 1:47PM Great post. Regarding the stat order, I prefer AGI/SPI/INT myself…at least in higher levels for crit-procing bonus with increase hit in DW. Great for partying too because grinding solo will get pretty boring. I found SPI/INT better to recharging spells to cast so you can do more damage than STR bonus. Especially those instant ones that do different elemental effect as opposed to straight damage from STR bonus. You can really notice it running around and when you have zero mana and swinging waiting for the next shock to light up.

I though Frostbrand weapon does comparable…if not more than WF. I think they nerfed WF some time ago in a patch. In addition the Frost elemental effect makes it so you don’t have to run after the fleeing mobs that much. I find chasing mobs kinda annoying and they can cause adds too.

Elemental Shamans can often do more damage than rogues…at least until they run outta mana. And because they are known to duel well, you stand a better chance in PVP encounters that would otherwise turn you into a ghost for several minutes.

WoW Moviewatch: "Level Up" {WoW}

Feb 5th 2007 9:53PM These things are so stupid. Because gaming is part of the “modern age” of entertainment, so many people are stuck in the past don’t accept it. The problem is many of these critics are short-sighted, old-fashioned, and narrow minded. What’s the difference between enjoying and spending a great deal of time doing WoW as opposed to football (like #2 points out) or even hanging out with friends in the local loitering spots. There are many people who will devote too much time in ANY activity while sacrificing responsibilities to various degrees. For, example…doing drugs. Now that’s addicting! So WoW is equivalent to narcotic activities now??? Phht! I have friends who failed out of school because they played pool, for example. I’m sure many of you know such people. As for the 36-hour dude (may he rest in peace), there was probably something else wrong with his health. I can personally say that I stayed up 72 hours doing reports/tests/studying and a personal friend of mine did 76. And don’t tell me WoW is more stressful than what we did (along with those thousands of other dedicated students who did not die). What is that author trying to point out?

As for those in the video who mention lacking a “social life”…like an MMORPG is not “social”??? Is “socializing” defined as: “to physically meet someone to perform conventional physical activities such as attending cinema or having tea such that it requires the presence of all members of the social group to be within vocal proximity of each other”? Which dictionary is that in? What about those AIM addicts? That’s more social than anything I’ve even witnessed in my life! For those idiots claim that these games are for nerds and geeks devoid of real social skills…”Throw out that cassette player and take a step into the modern era. There’s this real successful small device that can magically store 500 songs…yeah it’s made by that fruit company you must have heard of.” Perfect example is that “Stephanie Lester” chick is hot! And she chooses to use her time to play WoW!

And so many things are sweeter when it requires a struggle to achieve it. There is a sense of accomplishment. Blizzard understands that all too well. Do you think Sir Isaac Newton enjoyed every moment of that 18 months locked at home to figure out the laws gravity? If all you want is some constant state of “nirvana”, see my reference to drugs above.

Making the most of socketed items {WoW}

Feb 5th 2007 1:36PM As the game proceeds and the economy is saturated with more and more good socketing stuff, it will be better and more "worth it" to use these items, especially for those who are now low on gold or are casual players.

Think of enchanting, for those of you who played beginning game WoW.
"OMG +3 damage ain’t worth 10g!!!"
Well, at least to some people.

Though, many of the better/richer players get icy chill @ ~80g when it first dropped just for the "sweet looks", many other's didn't find enchanting affordable until they hit 60. But the end-story is that, alts get fiery weapon on vendor items to mow down the starting areas for laughs and fast XP, and level 19 BG twinks have crusader. Jewelcrafting will have the same fate. I imagine blizzard may even one day release new jewels that have a "runeword bonus" equivalent to the Diablo II game. That might make things even more exciting.

BC download now available for North America as well {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2007 11:05AM Can't the Asian countries Download it now too? Perhaps that's one reason why they are offerring it now. So they don't have to worry about physical distribution to the other countries? And I'm sure asians itching to play don't want to pay for shipping from the US.

eBay attacks secondary market; secondary market dodges? {WoW}

Jan 31st 2007 11:12AM @ #7

Look at what #6 is saying..."guilds learning end-game content"
...not your definition of "end-game guilds" that would amaze you by "how many hours the really dedicated players will put into this game to farm materials to supply the guild for a night of raiding".

#6 is implying these are the non-hardcore players who are behind everyone else. It makes perfect sense as the non-hardcore players probably have jobs/life obligations other than “The Guild” and hence little time but a lot of money.

Thinks of it this way…the average “real player” can farm X gold/hour. The average industrialized worker can buy the same X gold for less than minimum wage. Considering that many industrialized workers actually earn many times minimum wage…there rest of the story is a no-brainer. Who’s “smarter” now? The player who farms…or the player who buys? Now that’s a little murkier, isn’t it? ;)

eBay attacks secondary market; secondary market dodges? {WoW}

Jan 31st 2007 4:55AM All history reveals over and over again...That's just words for the press. The fact of the matter is...they make tons of fees for the transactions of "nothing" via automated systems that only the users do any real work for. Between auction commissions and the outrageous fees paypal charges...that makes free money for investor's pockets. There's always that "selling their time invested" work-around that there is no legal justification for canceling people's auctions. So, obviously any respectable business person from ebay will allow it to go on. Maybe cancel a few auctions here and there to make Blizzard reps happy. But the reality of it is that Blizzard cannot take any legal action to prevent it so as long as the dough rolls in, auctions will continue. It's basic capitalism.

The new PvE endgame, featuring "Noob Extinction" {WoW}

Jan 30th 2007 3:43PM Obviously some of you may not have been there when...

OMG...we wiped 5 times on General Drakisath with a 20 player raid... We were close tho! Maybe next raid...

Anyone wanna attempt 5-Scholomance? It's gonna take arround 6 hours...and we might not finish but it will be fun!

Wow! You finished 5-Scholomance quests??? You're so awesome. Can you transmute Essense of water for me? I'll pay you 80g!!! ...followed by...Man, I've been waiting so long for this Icy Chill enchant and it blows but at least it looks cool! :P

The point is. It's not hard. You can't expect Blizzard to release something that 50% of hte people will finish in 1 month. And in time, when everyone figures out the tricks and the Wiki's and strats are published, everyone will have multiple 60's attuned...including the "noobs". Hey, if anything, noobs are the ones with the most RL money! So gotta keep them interested! lol

Ask WoW Insider: Top PvP classes at level 70? {WoW}

Jan 26th 2007 4:15PM Since mages have the best crowd control, I think this will make a pretty good gladiator as this makes huge difference in small team battles. Maybe not against druids but the healers will be #1 on aggro list so they might die first anyway.

You know how blizzard is tho, whatever class/skill sceews the match...will be nerfed in the next patch. So I wouldn't start leveling up your alt just because you think it's good now because it might not be by the time you're 70. I have a feeling the break poly trinkets will have a cooldown of 15 seconds soon. :P

The best class to lead a raid ... {WoW}

Jan 26th 2007 12:20PM Regarding Post #21, sure I think there are many cases where certain personality-types enjoy specific classes over others. As a "role-playing" game and especially in RP, one may relate to one style of "fantasy" over another. But often I've found that players also migrate to what they are "comfortable" with too...or a class that gives them the right challenge. For example, some people like to play warlock for the various control and situational challenges. Other's like to play rogue because it's easy and doesn't require too much "thinking". I'm not quite sure how you relate the personality of rogue players to "alpha males" (assuming we're all animals ;) ) as I would expect these personalities to be warriors since it's all over the movies that brute warriors become kings and heroes. Of course RL leaders are nerds…at least in capitalist countries. But nerd stories don’t do well in the box-office lol! Anyway, I would expect rogue/thief RP to be more attractive to those who like to sneak around and “stab you in the back”. Gain the advantage of surprise and cheat to win. Those without honor. Hmmm…maybe this seems to be “alpha” to some women since quite a bit that girls like jerks! Lol! Ehem…that’s another blog! ;)

Since we’re brining “psychology” into this blog, regarding post #6, concerning the women GM’s…I guess one possibility is that women are more efficient multitaskers and better at managing many tasks. Well, according to “modern anthropology” anyway. Since evolving human females had to be able to manage the “nest” and keep track of babies/items/gossip all to become more successful as a mate, while males had to be able to concentrate deeply on individual tasks to track and kill animals to provide food.