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IBM's prototype STT MRAM device spins your bits right round, baby, right round {Engadget}

Dec 18th 2008 11:47AM Doh, unless you realize the memory is 4k bits, not bytes !!!

IBM's prototype STT MRAM device spins your bits right round, baby, right round {Engadget}

Dec 18th 2008 11:45AM 4k is enough for this post - I generously count 1215 characters (bytes). Even including HTML, no way it gets to 8k.

GameSpot addresses Gerstmann-gate concerns in depth {Joystiq}

Dec 6th 2007 12:43AM If you've ever worked for a big company, you understand why they have issues with making statements quickly. As was said above, there are legal and management reviews to go through before something controversial is discussed publicly.

Jeff could have been doing anything from surfing porn at work to using the company's PCs to make denial-of-service attacks on a competitor to moonlighting at another company to sexually harassing a coworker. I've seen all that happen (and worse) and people get caught and fired for it. Sometimes the facts are known to coworkers, but most of the time they aren't. Never would the company comment publicly on it.

Given that Jeff isn't permitted to discuss it either implies he was paid off not to (which isn't impossible) or isn't interested in telling what got him fired because it is embarrassing or incriminating.

Not that I found GS all that credible a source of reviews before or after this incident, but the silence may have a legitimate reason.

Atiesh spawns legendary Andonisus, Reaper of Souls {WoW}

Sep 12th 2006 8:44AM During the last part of acquisition of the staff, you have to go into Stratholme and kill a summoned boss just for this event. It's part of this event where the sword above spawns, and after the event the sword is gone - nobody gets to keep it, and you don't get it whenever you want.

Get Out Your Snow Shovels! Jeff Kaplan Talks About Patch 1.10 {WoW}

Jan 31st 2006 11:17AM Luckily weather won't impact your latency (lag) because it will be a client-side feature. The server will just say 'make it snow' and the client will do the effect. It MIGHT affect your framerate though - luckily it will be easy to turn off.

I'm fan of increased graphic quality. If this helps with immersion I'm all for it.

Killing Death {WoW}

Jan 29th 2006 7:45PM WoW caters to the more casual gamer in a way no other game has (hence its success) and big part of that success is the death system. Given the lost time for recovering my corpse (or the 10min downtime if I don't) I consider the death situation quite enough a sting, thank you very much. You find it easy because 10min of lost time doesn't mean anything to you, the player who will put in 4 hours a game session without difficulty. For me, 10min of downtime is huge - I might get an hour per night, and it's a huge inconvenience when I lose 17% of that.

I say - go play EQ2 with its XP debt or worse, EQ1 (with massive XP loss) if you want to enjoy that style of gaming.

SWG had a great death system for a while - no penalty at all save the run (or ride) back to your initially location from the cloning center. They've added item decay as well (well, at least they used to - not sure today with the most recent complete game change.)