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Gold farmers try to take their game onto guild web sites {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2008 9:58AM @TB: I don't think I'm doing that at all. All I'm saying is that, if gold farmers are still in business and spending ever-greater efforts to market their illicit wares for ever-smaller effect (e.g. resorting to /s spam near big city mailboxes), it only underscores the fact that enough players are still spending enough money on their services that it's still a profitable business to be in.

So in short, yes, gold selling is bad and wrong, but clearly, there must be a fair number of players buying or else it would cease being profitable and the farmers would go away and do something else.

Apologies if you thought my comments were directed at the entire player base.

Gold farmers try to take their game onto guild web sites {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2008 8:16AM This discussion and the whole gold farming issue reminds me of the "war on drugs". As the argument goes, yes, (certain) drugs are illegal and we should hunt down and punish those responsible for selling them. On the other hand, if there was no demand for drugs on the consumer side, drug dealers would just naturally go out of business.

In WoW, gold farmers exist because players keep paying them for gold, just like email spam is still apparently good business, since I get tons of it every day, so someone must be clicking. In other words, it's demand-driven.

I don't support gold farming (nor do I support the criminalization of drugs, but that's another story), but we should recognize that its players among us who makes what they do profitable by supporting their efforts.

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 17th 2007 6:59AM Looks amazing. Horde please :-)

Cheating on WoW {WoW}

Nov 27th 2007 6:59AM As a friend of mine once said, any time you're not playing WoW, you're losing at WoW. So right now, as I type this message, I am losing at WoW, which makes me sad.

I've been playing WoW since Beta and have recently moved abroad and so am leveling another character to 70 (at 63 so far!) but the challenge is that since I work in the game industry, a lot of games pile up, unplayed.

I have Halo 3, Assassin's Creed, Naruto and Skate still in their shrink wrap. I'm two levels into Bioshock. I'm three levels into CoD4. I'm level 6 on my Hellgate character.... You get the picture... But I'm losing at WoW every time I play these games!

Episode 9 of the WoW Insider Show available for download {WoW}

Oct 30th 2007 6:26AM I enjoy the show, when I can actually hear it. With the volume on my ipod cranked I can usually hear, assuming there is no motion on the street around me or I'm in a sound proof room.

Can you guys PLEASE fix your audio levels? :-)

Finally! Paid Name Changes {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 4:18AM I think that the money component of this feature is to discourage "casual renaming". It's not a *ton* of money, but enough to make (particularly kids) think twice. I really don't see it as a greedy move by blizzard.

That said, I agree with the comments of many of the posters above -- names in online communities should not be changeable because you get into the problem of accountability. Be a dick and then change your name. Yes, if you *happen* to have that player on your ignore list that's great, but what about everyone else? Chances are many people will be unknown by their new names due to poor transmission of information. I think this is a bad move for the community even though I like the convenience of it.

Breakfast Topic: Does Zul'Aman appeal to you? {WoW}

Oct 15th 2007 11:15AM I absolutely loved Karazhan -- the 10-man design made it relatively accessible in a way the 40-mans from "old WoW" clearly weren't, and the way you can do bosses in a non-linear fashion I also thought was excellent design. And of course, the art direction was very cool and the boss encounters themselves were challenging and fun. Our guild spent several months working through Kara and then, like many guilds I assume, had a bit of trouble ramping up to the 25 man stuff, which we eventually did. But I still think 10-man raiding is the most casual raiding Blizzard has made possible so far (if such a thing is possible), and I'd bet that more people have played through part of Kara than have played part of MC, Ony, or BWL (and certainly Nax). Once again Bliz strikes a great balance between casual and hardcore.

BC download now available for North America as well {WoW}

Feb 1st 2007 11:20PM I don't think the delay in downloads had to do with bandwidth -- Blizz could have partenered with any number of download providers (direct2drive for example), or otherwise outsourced the hosting of the files.

Also, regarding the 8mm subscribers, many are in China, where TBC hasn't released yet. In the U.S., they sold almost as many copies of the xpack on day 1 as total retail sales of the original product, from NPD data...

BC download now available for North America as well {WoW}

Feb 1st 2007 10:29PM I think the retailer issue is only real reason behind why there wasn't a download available at launch. Sure, TBC was going to be a "sure thing" at retail, so one might think Blizz/Vivendi is able to "afford" to piss off retailers by eating into their profits by offering a download. However, Vivendi puts out plenty of games that aren't sure things, and for these, they need retailer support. Waiting for a few weeks after launch to offer the download is clearly a nice concession to the retail channels to keep up the relationship...

What's your Burning Crusade launch-day plan? {WoW}

Jan 4th 2007 3:46PM Tuesdays are generally (or maybe even always) the day when new games are released. However, this frequently means that the game will ship from a warehouse then but that it won't be available in stores until the next day. EB and Gamestop (same company now) are the exception to this rule as I believe they have their own trucks to come pick up product so that they can offer it on the real day 1.

So what does this mean? For those of you who didn't pre-order through EB/GS, you may have to wait until the 17th.