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Loatheb 2-manned by Die Uberspitzen {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 7:50PM oh god... a ten minute movie with german techno? pass.

The Guild episode 2 of season 2 out now {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 1:45PM That's a link to the trailer. . .

The link to the episode is:

Just out of curiosity, how many more times are you gonna plug your interview with Day?

Insider Trader: Inscription from 305 to 450 {WoW}

Nov 21st 2008 3:53PM I guess it depends what you need that extra 10 energy for.

In my case, having 120 or 130 energy when starting a fight in PVP is like having the ability to Mutilate twice in a row.

Or blinding the target to bandage, and during that time having your energy max out, and then going back to the fight with another double-mutilate or double backstab.

I'm thinking PvP of course. In PvE I never have that much time to regain all my energy. Except during wipes or breaks...

Insider Trader: Inscription from 305 to 450 {WoW}

Nov 21st 2008 1:45PM Hey Rogues,

Speaking of inscription, I noticed Vigor Glyphs are starting to populate the AH. Mine cost 50g but I think that was a deal considering the other guy was selling for 100g.

Either was, 50g, 100g, 200g, it's a small price to pay for an extra 10 energy!

In fact, I think it could possibly the best glyph in the game, and easily the best for rogues.

That's a good future inscription topic, Amanda: ask the players what their top, must-have glyphs are and why?

Living without General chat {WoW}

Nov 19th 2008 8:07PM Naw, I'd rather be part of the WoW Insider community and get to share these special moments with you, Nathan. I mean, wow, I was hoping for someone to reply with an example, and you really came through for me.

Ya know, this is the kinda douche that you use ignore on. A simple right click and he shuts up. But there are still plenty of valid reasons to read the blog and read the comments, and be able to offer opinions that might help others. And the same can be said for General, and when you shut it off, you're basically Posting a Nathan (ohh, I like that!) and telling people to quit QQing and go play Warhammer.

I'm sorry you don't agree here Nathan, and that you'd rather use your recently learned third grade insults to attack the people commenting instead of offering solutions that others have come up with (macros, second chat windows/tabs, etc). But I guess with 11 million subscribers, you're eventually gonna upset some people, but I'm okay with that. I'm not here to please Nathan. (That's what she said!)

Living without General chat {WoW}

Nov 19th 2008 7:39PM Mike:

So wait.

You left the general chat to avoid all the chatter and people asking silly questions, but you "dive back in" every-so-often to ask silly questions?

Mike, you're like the worst. You're just leeching off other players. You're not contributing to the game. You ask for help, then bail. And further, why would you brag about that in a news and info blog? Go cry to your myspace, I frankly have better things to do. But since that can of worms is open, Mike, let me comment:

This is why I hate WoW Insider. Instead of reporting on real worthwhile news, like MMO-Champ, we get these stupid n00b posts reminding us why we hate the world (Azeroth mostly, but to an extent the real world, too) and the failures who inhabit it.

Why not stay in general and try to HELP other players, Mike? You know, someone on my server (Ner'Zhul) macro'ed a response to the top three asked questions on day one, and whenever anyone asked one of those questions he pushed his macro. Genius! He spent almost no time setting it up but saved numerous people hours of potential frustration.

Yes, some people are annoying (the jerk who claimed his caps lock was broken, for instance) but the easy solution is to /ignore these morons and move onto helping the people who need it. I've got about 20 people ignored. It's a worthwhile feature to take advantage of, and even better, they remain the idiots, while you actually contribute to the game as a hero to someone totally lost. It's an MMO. You're supposed to be interacting. It's a better game when you're able to interact with others, and general provides the best source for that. I'm incredibly appreciative when someone provides an answer to my question, but I'm also very happy when I can offer an answer to someone stepping off the zeppelin for the first time. (Where's the FA trainer is a popular one!) But maybe that's why I'm still only 73. Maybe I'm just too nice! I guess I have to blame my parents for not raising me like a spoiled, selfish jerk.

I'm just curious, Mike: Do you also ninja the ground spawns while the other guy is fighting off the mob that was guarding it?

You know what WoW needs? Less Mike.

GameStop Collector's Edition preorders labeled as backordered {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 2:08PM Which is why I went to 7-11 last night and bought Wrath. Apu didn't have a clue what he was selling and happily rang it up for 39.99. Of course it doesn't work yet, but I'm just happy in the knowledge that I won't have to stand around Wal-Mart/Gamestop/the mailbox waiting for a copy at midnight when I could be at home playing.

Brew of the Month for October: Autumnal Acorn Ale {WoW}

Oct 16th 2008 9:00PM So what they need to do, obviously, is be certain that for certain topics, they mention both factions. I don't see why it's difficult to be faction neutral when applicable.

Brew of the Month for October: Autumnal Acorn Ale {WoW}

Oct 16th 2008 7:21PM Is WoWInsider an Alliance-only blog?

You guys always mention very off-handedly where Alliance players can pick up the item at hand, but you often forget about those of us who belong to this little faction known as "Horde," leaving the job to the commenters. Could you spend the extra thirty seconds checking wowhead or wherever and give complete, equal info to all players? After all, Horde players pay the same each month to play and view the same ads on WoWInsider as the Alliance players do. Thanks!